Starcat’s Favorites: The Mysteries

Back in the late summer, I signed myself up for a couple of new – well, I guess you’d call them life coaching packages, though it’s more like magickal or spiritual coaching, really.

One was an offering from an inspiring coach I’d met via the WEALTH course. I signed up for a free consult she’d posted about, and connecting with her lit up something in me, so I joined her program.

The other was a barter with a longtime client who is an amazing energy worker. I’m in her program as well as getting private coaching sessions.

At the time when I set these up, I couldn’t really see why I would need them. I felt like I already had plenty of support in place. Yet the Universe was clearly nudging me forward, so I trusted my intuition and went ahead with both.

I’m so glad that I did. Both have been invaluable in my grieving and healing process. I’m in a huge time of transformation, and having these two powerful women on my team is such a blessing.

The first coach I mentioned has monthly themes as part of her program, and in November we’ve been diving into the idea of DEVOTION. In one of the group calls, we did a guided meditation and then some journaling to discover what we’re devoted to currently.

It’s probably no surprise to you, dear reader, that I’m devoted to THE MYSTERIES. I mean, it wasn’t truly surprising to me, but I appreciated the reminder and having a kind of umbrella term for all the things that light me up: stories, magick, the Feminine Divine, creativity, wisdom, dreams, learning, the world of the imagination.

I’m a huge fan of The Mysteries, and I’m devoted to exploring them as I walk my path. I’ll probably even write about them, again.

Oh, and in my grieving process, I’ve found that I’ve returned with even more enthusiasm to what were probably my earliest pleasures in this lifetime: reading (fiction, in particular, because stories…) and hanging out with cats. That’s where you’ll find me this winter, curled up with a good book, a snuggly cat, and probably some tea.

Here are some articles and fun finds for you to enjoy as you snuggle in for late autumn:

A PSA and reminder: don’t try to be Superwoman. “My value is NOT determined by how productive I am, by how much I’m creating, or how much I’m doing.” Yes.

I discovered this “Leisure Learning” series and it’s fascinating to see what another creative person is discovering. Super inspiring.

I’m definitely in an “inner winter” season right now, and this article from Rebecca Campbell was helpful to read. On a related note, this is an older post but it’s such a helpful list of ways to deal with grief around the holidays.

My friend Sunshine offers these 5 Rituals to Try This Autumn. See if any of them resonate with you, then give one a whirl.

I met this cool person during a virtual conference earlier this month, and her art journal virtual retreats look awesome!

The new Energy Almanac for 2023 is out! Get yours today. They also make terrific gifts.

Sending you big blessings!

Starcat’s Favorites: Milton C. LoveCat

In the midst of all the chaos of this autumn, we welcomed a new feline family member into the fold. Everyone in the extended family is completely charmed by Milton.

I know you are, too, right?

He was rescued by some dear friends who weren’t able to keep him themselves, but thought of our cat-loving household. They named him Milton, for a cat they’d had years ago – not knowing that my grandfather, who lived on this land, was named Milton!

Such a cool synchronicity. I feel like Grampa sent him to cheer us up while we’re grieving the loss of my Dad (who was Milton’s son-in-law) and also Percy LoveCat.

He’s a loving, extraverted cat who wants to play and cuddle. He loves to explore – curious is his middle name. He also adores dogs and wants to play with them. We’re delighted to have him in the family.


I haven’t been spending as much time online as usual (I’ve been reading books while cuddling Milton, instead), but here are a few links from things I’ve discovered this autumn so far:

Who doesn’t love a good money windfall? Jeannette Maw has tips on how to manifest one for yourself.

As someone with hundreds (perhaps even thousands?) of books, the notion of paring them down to just 30 gives me the chills. But still, it’s an interesting exercise

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this November? Are you building a world for your novel or series? Here’s a helpful post on creating a believable setting.

Here’s a list of some of the best sci-fi and fantasy published this year. You’re welcome.

Enjoy the bright autumn days and the cooler nights. Blessings!

My Dad Is A Hurricane

Well, damn. I thought my last post, about losing Percy LoveCat, was a tough one to write and share. This one is even more intense. Get the Kleenex.

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, my Dad, Owen Henry Grant, died unexpectedly at home at the age of 81 (nearly 82) from a heart attack. He died before the paramedics arrived. 

He went out the way he wanted to, though it traumatized my Mom (who had to try and revive him while on the phone with 911 dispatch) and shook the foundations of our entire family. You see, he had made it clear that he didn’t want to go to the hospital or a nursing home and have that be his end. He wanted to go on his own terms, at home, quickly. So he did.

In retrospect, it seems like he knew that his time was near, from the things he said and the way he communicated them. The thing was, none of us believed him, because he’s literally been saying he was going to die soon for half his life! He lost some of his best friends early in life, as well as his father, who died fairly young. Dad was convinced that would be his path, too.

But this year was different. Once a gruff, crusty Mainer who didn’t express his emotions willingly, he had started telling everyone how blessed he was, how he’d led a wonderful life, and how much he loved his family. He’d often offer these unsolicited rants of appreciation at our weekly family dinners. My daughter-in-love called them his “Grampa speeches.”

This summer, sitting outside together at one of our family gatherings, Dad was talking about his wishes to be cremated and to have his ashes spread here on the family land. A few minutes later he was gazing off into the distance. I was sitting next to him, and asked what was up. He said “I was just admiring your trees. I think I’m going to be in all of them.” I was stunned and brought to tears immediately. This was probably the most poetic thing I’d ever heard Dad say. I just put my hand on his arm and nodded. I don’t think anyone else even heard what he said, at the time. These days, walking through the woods on our land is one of the few things that comforts me. Dad is there, keeping me company.

BlackLion and I had planned a week-long tropical getaway to the Dominican Republic, just the two of us, starting on September 30th. In the weeks leading up to it, there were hurricanes in the area. Dad remarked at one point, “Well, I guess you won’t be able to go on your vacation.” He sounded pretty certain. I’d been keeping track of the weather forecast and knew we were fine, but Dad liked to watch the ever-melodramatic mainstream national news shows. I just did the “smile and nod” thing. Little did I know that he was the hurricane. When my Mom called me at 10pm on the evening Dad died, I was lying on my bed, all packed for an early start to the airport the next morning. I was just watching TikTok videos, wondering why I wasn’t asleep yet. My Dad, the hurricane, was the reason we had to postpone our trip.

The night before he died, we had our weekly family dinner at my Aunt’s house next door. Dad was in a good mood, and Mom said they talked about it the next day, how much fun they’d had. When I left, I gave him a hug. Dad was famous for not liking hugs at all, in a family of huggers. I could get away with hugging him sometimes. Because I was supposed to be going away for a week, I hugged him that night. I didn’t say why, and he didn’t resist this time, not at all. He hugged me back. I’m so thankful for that.

We held a beautiful interfaith Celebration of Life memorial service for Dad, outdoors at our place. No religious stuff, no formal funeral home ceremony, no suits and ties – he hated that kind of thing. There were bagpipes, lots of photos, and military honors and we kept it short and sweet, with a big potluck afterwards for family and friends.

It’s been a very hard month. It’s still hard. Grief sucks, and is weird, and has such ups and downs. I’m so thankful for our close family and my beloved friends. We also have a new family member, a 6-month-old kitten, who I’ll introduce later. Apparently the spirit of my maternal grandfather, Milton, who had lived on this land and who died in 1978, sent him to cheer us up at this difficult time. 

This past weekend I thought I’d clean up some stuff in my office. I was putting away some of my birthday gifts and found my card from Dad. For years, he didn’t even sign his own name to birthday cards – Mom signed for both of them. But this time he’d not only given me a card and gift on his own, but had written “love you” on both the card and the Amazon gift card, and had written “kiss” on where the envelope was sealed. 

Me and my Dad last Christmas.

This, for him, was a gushing emotional thing to do. He knew he was leaving soon. He loved me, and his whole family, even though it had been hard for him to show it for much of his life. I’m so grateful for my Dad and all the time we had together. I’m thankful for the way the years softened him, so we got to know that sweet side. I’m glad he enjoyed his life, and that it was twice as long as he’d once thought it would be!


Dad is very much missed and will always be part of this land, as he intended. He lives on in our hearts and memories. I love you, Dad.

Starcat’s Favorites: Cats. Always cats.

Oh, beloveds, I haven’t written here since June. Why?

On July 4th, my beloved familiar Sir Percival T. LoveCat crossed the rainbow bridge.

He was 13, and lived a wonderful life, and yet it was way too soon. It’s been so hard, missing his physical presence.

Percy helped me build my beloved second career, as you’ll know if you’ve been on any Zoom calls with me, ever. You’ve certainly seen him all over this blog, and my other websites.

He was a housecat through and through, and loved to be part of whatever we were up to, so it’s been super hard without him. His brother Merlin misses him, too.

I don’t have the words to express how special Percy was to me, so I’ll simply share some pictures.

Scroll down for some interesting reading on the web that I’ve collected over the summer.

It’s still hard, guys, nearly two months later. Grief sucks. I’ll leave you with these pics and, as promised, some links to explore.

One of the things that soothes my Virgo soul is beautifying and organizing my home. I love The Home Edit, and their tips & tricks have been helpful as I set up my new home office (which is done, by the way! I’ll give you a tour in a future post).

I’m not quite ready to invest in a beach home (or retreat center?!?), but it’s on the bucket list, and this post was inspiring to read.

I’m planning to buy this Bujo for Witches self-guided course and go through it this autumn. Wanna join me?

I’ve been vegetarian (or some variation thereof) for nearly three decades. Lately my body doesn’t enjoy dairy, so I’ve been looking into vegan options again. This post was useful in my search.

I love Rebecca Campbell’s books and oracle decks. Here’s her quiz to find out what type of mystic you are. I got “The Truth Teller,” which seems appropriate for a writer.

On the topic of speaking your truth, my friend Sunshine wrote this excellent article. “Everyone else’s thoughts, although interesting, are irrelevant.” Love it!

Another friend wrote about her Visions of the Great Mother.

As a longtime household manager myself, I adore this post on The Mental Load. Can you relate?

Something else I’ve discovered while researching: beeswax candles are the healthiest to burn. I got some nice pillar ones from Target. Etsy also has lots of them.

Why would authors (myself included) choose independent publishing over a more traditional method? Here are 5 good reasons.

Starcat’s Favorites: Seaside Vacation

I’ve been away this week, up at Quester’s family camp on the ocean. It’s been a delight.

Quester and I were celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary, and we also enjoyed hosting some new friends from out of state who stayed with us for a few days.

It can be hard for me sometimes to take time off, but this place gently encourages leisure. Each time I go to camp, I remember how much my creative soul is nourished by taking time away to play and enjoy. 

We love to canoe along the edge of the bay, watching for seals and eagles. Sit on the screened-in porch and watch the sunset. Go for walks along the shore. It’s a quiet place made for daydreaming.

I’ve always particularly enjoyed journaling at camp. When I went through my old journals a few years ago, as I read the book Harvesting Your Journals by Rosalie Deer Heart and Alison Strickland, I found that “at camp” was a whole category of entries.

It’s a magickal place that encourages rest and reflection. 

I’m so thankful that we have access to this sacred spot. 

What do you like to do when you take time away? 

Here are some recent finds from the web, perfect to read in the hammock, on the porch, or by the pool.

I’ve recently started writing a book I’ve had in mind for quite some time. The working title is Water Wisdom. It was cool to run across these tips for connecting with water by Danielle LaPorte.

I often use the alignment system from Dungeons & Dragons to describe my own value system (neutral good, with a hint of chaos, if you’re wondering). This article offers a useful description, even for those who have never played.

Last week I wrote about cultivating gratitude, and this post talks about how to become more grateful.

One of my marvelous clients shared this post about crystals for writers. I love it!

I’m not sure exactly why, but I’ve been delving into the realm of time management and content curation lately. Here are some of my finds:

The difference between a manager’s schedule and a maker’s schedule.

An interesting article on “simple” (simpler?) time management.

This one is more about content curation, but framed in a fascinating way (having or creating a “second brain.”). I’d like to read his book.

Nothing better than reading about productivity while you’re in leisure mode! Hee hee.



The Wealth All Around Us: A Call to Gratitude

I’ve noticed recently how much my mind likes to default to what’s “wrong” in my life. This is especially true as I focus on building my financial foundation.

When I wake up and start my day, my brain wants to immediately fixate on something like “solving a money shortage.” It wants to point out the difference between my financial goals and what’s currently in my bank accounts. It’s a crappy feeling.

Recently I’ve become more aware of these moments, rather than falling victim to the restrictive emotions that come with a feeling of lack

Over time, I’ve collected tools that allow me to rein it back in and notice the wealth that’s all around me. I can give my monkey mind a “reality check” and remind myself how blessed I truly am.

For example, my old money worries centered around making sure we could pay the mortgage and utility bills and still eat. It was a struggle for many years. These days, our basic costs are covered.

I get to do work that I love. I no longer have to work for someone else, commute, or do things that I don’t want to do. I’m the one who directs my time.  My housemates, too, have greater freedom and prosperity. We have plenty of food and clothing.

Not only that, there are the intangibles that aren’t directly related to money. I live in a beautiful place, on land that’s been in my family for many decades. It’s a huge blessing. I love my home.

I have family and friends who love me. I’m truly blessed in terms of community. I feel supported and encouraged. 

There is an abundance of books, internet access, streaming services, music, and craft supplies at my fingertips. I have my own home office, and it’s beautiful and inspiring!

I have a whole lot more wealth than my monkey mind is willing to notice.

I’m willing to bet that this is true for you, too. You are surrounded by blessings. Yes, there are also areas of struggle. It’s normal for the brain to want to focus on these. It’s how we’ve been programmed.

That said, you can reprogram your mind and point your thoughts in the direction of gratitude. 

Meditation helps, as does yoga or taking a nature walk.

So does writing a list of 3 things you’re thankful for each day. I’ve been doing that in my bullet journal each morning for a few years now, writing down three things that I’m grateful for from the previous day.

If you’re feeling especially worried, try this technique I came up with one night when I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I couldn’t seem to get my mind to stop obsessing over how I’d pay certain upcoming business expenses. So I started thinking about all the things I’m most grateful for – starting with my cozy bed and soft pillow. I thought about as many gratitudes as I could. Eventually I fell back asleep.

I’ve since started calling this “gratitude bathing” and have used it in many different situations. It’s a calming technique that neutralizes the monkey mind’s random worries quite effectively. Give it a try when you’re feeling worried.

You’ll soon discover how many more things there are to be grateful for than there are “problems” in your life. Tap into the abundance of blessings that surrounds you, and you’ll begin to feel truly wealthy – and happier.

Unconditional Wealth

I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, meditating, which I do each morning. This time, a phrase arose in my mind. It floated around there, repeating like a mantra. 

The phrase? “Unconditional wealth.”

After my meditation, I gave some thought to why this phrase arose and what it might mean. 

One of my favorite Law of Attraction authors, Mike Dooley, teaches that there are various arenas of life to focus on as we manifest our dreams. Each person’s experience will be different. Some arenas will come easier to some people, while others will be a challenge.

In the area of love and relationships, I have a lot of ease. It’s easy for me to love unconditionally. I receive a lot of love from my beloveds, friends, and family. That’s not to say it’s always been easy. Relationships do require work and nurturing. But it’s an arena in which I feel comfortable.

Giving and receiving love feels natural to me. 

Money, on the other hand, has historically been a challenging area. While I’ve focused on mending my relationship with prosperity, it’s not something I would consider easy (yet). 

I realized that by thinking of “unconditional wealth” the way I view “unconditional love,” I can shift some of those heavy energies and allow more ease. 

When I mentioned this insight to my business coach and biz sisters in our weekly circle-up call, she added another layer to consider. 

“It seems like you understand that the love in your life is non-transactional, and now you’re realizing that money can be non-transactional as well. Like love, money is just another form of energy that flows through your life,” she said.

I like that nuance. I do often think about money in transactional terms. This service for that invoice. Sell some books, receive royalties. That sort of thing. 

Viewing abundance as “unconditional wealth” provides a sense of ease that wasn’t there before. It brings me feelings of freedom and expansion. As BlackLion quipped, “expansive expenses.”

These feelings, in turn, allow more space to manifest the wealth I desire. Next week, I’m joining a group of co-creators for Law of Attraction coach Jeannette Maw’s latest manifesting party: 7-Day Money Manifester. (Join us here if it calls to you). 

As we know from New Age philosophies, Buddhist spirituality, and ancient magickal practices, holding too tightly to that which you desire will restrict your ability to manifest it. Non-attachment is part of the process.

By taking my relationship with money out of the realm of transactional steps, I’m making it easier to achieve my goals. 

It’s not the specific transactions, or even the current economic climate, that matter. My business has been growing and thriving throughout the “economic crunch” of the pandemic. There’s no reason why my wealth – or yours – won’t continue to expand.

Especially when I’m tapping into the free-flowing energy of “unconditional wealth.” It’ll be fascinating to see what unfolds next in my experience of prosperity.

I’ll keep you apprised.

Starcat’s Favorites: Interior Design

Because I’m putting together a new home office, I’ve recently been diving into the world of interior home design. I’m fascinated and delighted!

At the same time, I’m not the type to go for a particular style simply because it’s trendy. I like to put my own spin on my spaces.

In the past, I did this to the best of my ability while raising two kids on a very limited budget. The vast majority of our furniture up until now has been thrifted or free. There’s nothing wrong with that – I like the idea of reusing items that others are done with.

It did, however, limit how I could decorate my home. I would say that our style over the years has been kind of a hippie homeschool aesthetic.

Again, I’m not knocking it. But I’m excited to move into a new realm of designing my spaces more deliberately.

It must be my Libra moon, but I’m endlessly inspired by beautiful, color-coordinated, uncluttered spaces. The office I’m designing will showcase this (I hope!).

I’m already thinking about things I can do to upgrade our other spaces, like the living room.

My Virgo sun side is addicted to The Home Edit and their way of organizing items to be both useful and beautiful. I’m making plans to reorganize the bathroom shelves, and have started using words like “back stock” and “zones.”

I think I’m starting to annoy the guys I live with. Luckily, my daughter-in-love is just as into this stuff as I am! She and I have already made one pilgrimage to Ikea and The Container Store, and we have plans for other excursions.

As I write this, Quester is finishing up the flooring and installing trim boards (that I painted white) in the office. I can’t wait to get my furniture in there! My fancy new standing-or-sitting desk has been ordered.

In the meantime, here are some interesting things I’ve discovered on the web recently. I hope you enjoy them!

Simple self-care practices – including de-cluttering, one of my favorites!

This article is so empowering. “You are worthy.”

As a recovering people-pleaser, I appreciate this article. A good reminder. On a similar note, have you ever been told you’re “too much?” Here’s a song to celebrate it, for kids of all ages!

My friend Joan O’Hara, who is part of a Pagan women’s group I’m involved in, was just recognized for some of her life’s work. Congratulations!

Ready for a little magickal instruction? Here’s an article on how to use a pendulum and another one on making sigils. Oh, and should you make your way to the witchy town of Salem, Massachusetts, here’s where to eat.

I love this interview with Cree Summer. Inspiring stuff about authentic style, creativity, motherhood, and more. Also this one with the amazing musician Lizzo, on self-acceptance. (Not safe for work!)

I haven’t played this game yet, but it sounds amazing.

Unforgettable descriptions of food in literature.

Let me know if you’re interested in upgrading and organizing your spaces. What cool design ideas are lighting you up?

A Triggering Challenge

I’ve recently completed Rachel Rodgers’ “$10K in 10 Days” challenge. She shares the concept at the end of her book We Should All Be Millionaires, which I highly recommend reading.

I had planned to do the challenge earlier. I finished the book over a weekend in mid-April, and decided to start that Monday. Instead, I woke up with lower-back pain that laid me low for several days, and took about a month to heal. I hadn’t done anything particular that I’d noticed to cause the injury, but it definitely got my attention!

The timing of my mystery back injury wasn’t a coincidence. The challenge itself has been hugely triggering to my old patterns and shadow selves. I healed the back pain with the help of yoga, Quester’s inversion table, and rest – and also shadow work.

I decided to delay the challenge, and enlisted a couple of my biz sisters to join me. We got started on May 9th, and the first couple of days went rather well.

On day 3, I woke up feeling anxious and stressed. I wasn’t able to finish my morning yoga session. I got into child’s pose and just cried. Later, during a group coaching call, one of my biz sisters said that tears are the body’s way of releasing past trauma. She told me to go ahead and cry, because it means that my body now feels safe.

Another biz sister suggested that I offer my Parallel PlayDates as an annual subscription during the challenge. I loved that idea, and started a “flash sale,” something I’ve never done before.

The middle part of the challenge went along fine. I got some signups from my flash sale. I was talking with various people about my summer retreat and other offerings. I hosted my May virtual retreat and loved seeing all the writers get results, have new insights and epiphanies, and appreciate the container. I truly love being a writing coach!

The tail end of the challenge happened to coincide with the due date for a large business expense. A couple of days out, I didn’t (yet) have all the money I needed to pay it. At Quester’s urging, I tallied up what I did have, and the income expected before the deadline. I was closer than I’d thought. We talked, and Quester said if need be, I could borrow the money from our household funds to make the large payment.

The evening before my deadline, I hadn’t received some expected payments, and a prospective client hadn’t gotten back to me with an answer as promised. I was talking with Quester in the car about it, and I ended up having a complete meltdown. It sucked. I couldn’t stop crying.

When we got home, I just collapsed on the floor and watched cute animal videos, then went to bed. I was so upset. Clearly, this was about more than the deadline – which I was going to meet anyway.

The next day I outed myself in my biz coach’s retreat. I told everyone that I’d had a tantrum about money. I was feeling like a failure because I had to borrow funds from household. They were kind and supportive. The consensus was that a tantrum or crying session was a great way to release old toxins. I was still sort of embarrassed about it, but I did feel lighter.

I was ready to make what I called “the walk of shame to the credit union” at lunchtime to borrow the necessary funds. However, by mid-morning, someone had signed up for my summer retreat and paid more than half the cost, thus allowing me to pay my large bill on time, with money from my biz. Win!

Instead of that credit union walk of shame, Quester took me out for lunch. It was a lovely day, so we ate outside at one of our favorite local spots, overlooking the Saco River.

By the time the challenge ended, I’d made $7299., including banked money and “booked” services (for which I’d receive payments later). Not bad at all for my first time!

The money is a wonderful help, especially with lots of extra expenses this month for my business. But truly, the best part is that I’m uncovering and releasing more of my old blockages and beliefs around money.

Perhaps that’s the point of these types of challenges. It’s to show us that we can do something we might have thought impossible, as well as to illustrate exactly where we’re getting in our own way.

A biz sister who had done the challenge before remarked that she too had been triggered heavily that first time. I thanked her for sharing that and noted that this implied I should do it again. Challenge accepted!

In fact, the Universe obliged immediately. My favorite LOA coach, Jeannette Maw, is doing a 7-day challenge called the 7-Day Money Manifester, starting soon. You know I signed up. I wonder if I can do this one without the meltdown….

A Room of My Own

Some of my creative energies are currently focused on creating a home office for myself and my business. I’m so excited!

My Younger Self (aka inner child) is especially delighted. For various reasons, I’ve never had an entire room that is wholly mine.

I’m reminded of Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own.” She writes about how, in order to have space in which to live a creative life, women should have a room with a door they can shut. This gives us the opportunity to set aside gender roles and demands on our time – something that many men already had at that time, but most women did not.

In a strange way, her essay feels newly relevant in today’s world. Sometimes it feels like we’ve made a lot of progress with gender equity, and then events on the world stage make it seem like we’ve gotten nowhere.

That said, I don’t believe that you have to have a space all to yourself in order to write or create. I know it’s quite a privilege to have enough space and resources to devote an entire room (mine is just under 200 square feet) to one person. Believe me, I’m grateful!

I’ve created five-plus books and an entire business in the corner of the dining area of a busy open-concept house. That’s not to brag, but just to encourage you that it can be done.

If you do have the opportunity to have your own office or studio, though, I encourage you to make it fully your own. I’m decorating mine to include my favorite colors, cozy spots to create, and creative supplies.

The room that will be my new office was my daughter’s childhood bedroom, then the abode of a longtime friend who became a housemate for a few years while starting a new career.

It has one window, and was painted a dark purple, from when my daughter redecorated it during her teen years. I want to lighten up the space, so I’ve painted it a lighter purple, called French Violet, with white trim. I painted the two sets of bookshelves white, too. We’ve removed the original rose-colored carpet, and Quester will be installing some flooring soon.

I still need to get a desk. I’m looking at options that allow sitting or standing. I also want to add some storage cabinets for art supplies, notebooks, office supplies, etc. My daughter-in-love and I visited Ikea (for the first time!) and The Container Store earlier this week to get some ideas. She enjoys home decorating and has been super helpful as I create this new space.

My office may occasionally serve as a guest room. I didn’t want to take up a bunch of space with a bed, or even a fold-out sofa, so I’m going to get a Cordaroy, which is a large beanbag chair that folds out into a queen-sized mattress. It’ll make a cozy reading nook, and then when guests do come, we can just open the bed out into the middle of the room.

I’ve been watching season 2 of Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix, and I’m gathering ideas for how I’m going to set up and decorate my office space. I’m endlessly inspired by spaces that are both organized and pretty.

Moving into my own office is bringing an expansive feeling to my career and creative callings. I’ve been preparing myself to step onto a bigger stage, and it feels like this physical move will help.

I didn’t need to have an office in order to become a published author and establish a sustainable business. However, at this point in my journey, I think having a room of my own will allow me to step into this new level of leadership. I’m looking forward to it being completed.

I’ll share some more photos once the room is ready.