Letting Go of Compartmentalizing

One thing I’ve learned during my five-plus decades on Earth is that we human beings like to make things way more complicated than they need to be. This is especially true in regard to our biggest goals and dreams.

Six years into building my dream career, I’m slowing down and relaxing into my entrepreneur life, rather than trying to hustle and be frantic about rocketing growth. I’m seeing more clearly how my work as a writing coach and retreat leader is meant to support my own career as an author.

It’s not as if I set aside my own writing completely. I’ve released two books during this time of actively building my business. I’ve also continued to write fiction, mostly during November each year, as part of National Novel Writing Month.

But there are ways in which I’ve made my own writing less of a priority than it deserves to be.

It felt like I needed to “solve this money thing” before proceeding forward to my biggest dreams. However, as my spirit guide has been pointing out to me recently, life is actually all one experience.

We tend to break things down into “career,” “relationships,” “health,” and so forth, compartmentalizing our daily experience. This is part of how we complicate things.

I’ve been on a health journey lately. I’ve been telling friends and family that I’ve been losing weight since the day after Thanksgiving, and while that is true, the journey began earlier than that. I’ve been doing a daily yoga practice since the beginning of 2023, and I’ve been experimenting with intermittent fasting, well, intermittently over the past year or two.

Since I added calorie tracking in late November, and started tracking my steps after receiving a FitBit for Christmas (from Dryst and his fiancee), the weight loss has been much easier than I thought it would be.

Why is that? I did a lot to prepare for it.

Besides the yoga and fasting, I’ve been reading about health at this phase of life (menopause), and learning a lot. I’ve been working on my mindset and healing old emotional wounds. I’ve been doing some ancestral work, and lots of Shadow Work.

I’m seeing the results now, and what I’m discovering is that the easier I allow it to be, the easier it is.

Now I’m taking these lessons into other areas of my life, and breaking down the walls of the compartments. If weight loss and getting fitter and healthier can be easy, then so can financial success. This, too, has been something I’ve been extensively learning about and preparing for over the past few years.

This, too, can be easier than I ever thought it would be. I mean, obviously it’s still a work in progress.

It’s all a work in progress – that’s what life is about: learning, growing, living, laughing, loving and being loved.

I have so much gratitude for my experience. I’m truly and deeply thankful for arriving at this phase in my life. I am ready. I am doing my practices. I am alive and imperfect and full of creativity. I love to learn and to share.

I am serving the world by doing my own sacred work and following my most cherished callings, to the best of my ability.

I’m letting go of compartmentalizing.

I am grateful.

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