Starcat’s Favorites: Transformation

We’re already almost finished with the first month of 2019, but I’m finding that I’m still processing 2018. Can you relate?

It was a hugely transformational year for me and my family.

We became empty-nesters. Quester broke his ankle, badly, and had to have (not one but two) surgeries. BlackLion got a new job outside the home. I’ve been up-leveling my business, my prosperity, and my writing in expansive new ways. I traveled to Denver and New York City for vacations. I’ve been the recipient of some exciting Big Visions, centering around my career and callings (I got professional photos done, even!). I’ve discovered some new friendships and nurtured some old ones.

Yeah. That’s a lot – and it isn’t even everything!

How about you? How was your 2018? How is your 2019 shaping up so far?

No matter what happens in my life, reading is still one of my favorite things. Here are some of my favorite reads from the autumn and early winter. I hope they inspire and enrich you!

This is the year I turn 50! I’m actually super excited and happy about it. Here’s a cool idea to celebrate a half-century.

Making some changes for the new year? Hang in there – it will get easier!

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Marie Kondo’s new show. I also want to read her book; it’s in my virtual “to read” pile on my Kindle.

Bullet journaling? Why yes, I’m still enjoying it. Mine isn’t as fancy as this author’s, but it helps me keep myself organized.

Did anyone else do NaNoWriMo back in November? Here’s how to reward yourself. Also, a deep and insightful article on writing empathy.

Science is (slowly) exploring the existence of magick. I haven’t read the book discussed in this article yet, but it’s on my list.

Feeling weird about wanting to hire household help? Don’t!

I love this story! Synchronicity rocks.

After successfully raising two unschooled kids to adulthood, this post made me go “aww!” So sweet.

Winter pleasures: hot cocoa that’s good for you, new episodes of Dr. Who (note, this article does have a spoiler alert if you haven’t watched yet!), and nurturing yoga classes.

Enjoy the weekend!

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