One Word, Redux

Dryst and I dancing at his wedding!

I was searching my blog for something else and found this fun “one-word” post from back in 2011. I decided to do it again, in 2024.

If you want to try it, just add one word to each of the prompts, and post it on your own blog or on social media. It’s fun!

Yourself: priestess
Your partner: multiple
Your hair: wild
Your mother: wonderful
Your father: gone
Your favorite item: FitBit
Your dream last night: interrupted
Your favorite drink: cranberry-seltzer
Your dream car: reliable
Your dream home: here
The room you are in: purple
Your ex: forgotten
Your fear: lack
Where you want to be in ten years: bestseller
Who you hung out with last night: cats
What you’re not: bored
Muffins: raspberry-chocolate-chip
One of your wish list items: hot-tub
Time: swift
The last thing you did: cooked
What you are wearing: pink
Your favorite weather: hot!
Your favorite book: fantasy
Last thing you ate: Popcorners
Your life: blessed
Your mood: joyful
Your best friends: mermaids
What are you thinking about right now: reading
Your car: nonexistent
What are you doing at the moment: playing
Your summer: exciting
Relationship status: loved
What is on your tv: Bridgerton
What is the weather like: lovely
When is the last time you laughed: today

Tell me what you think!

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