Unconditional Wealth

I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, meditating, which I do each morning. This time, a phrase arose in my mind. It floated around there, repeating like a mantra. 

The phrase? “Unconditional wealth.”

After my meditation, I gave some thought to why this phrase arose and what it might mean. 

One of my favorite Law of Attraction authors, Mike Dooley, teaches that there are various arenas of life to focus on as we manifest our dreams. Each person’s experience will be different. Some arenas will come easier to some people, while others will be a challenge.

In the area of love and relationships, I have a lot of ease. It’s easy for me to love unconditionally. I receive a lot of love from my beloveds, friends, and family. That’s not to say it’s always been easy. Relationships do require work and nurturing. But it’s an arena in which I feel comfortable.

Giving and receiving love feels natural to me. 

Money, on the other hand, has historically been a challenging area. While I’ve focused on mending my relationship with prosperity, it’s not something I would consider easy (yet). 

I realized that by thinking of “unconditional wealth” the way I view “unconditional love,” I can shift some of those heavy energies and allow more ease. 

When I mentioned this insight to my business coach and biz sisters in our weekly circle-up call, she added another layer to consider. 

“It seems like you understand that the love in your life is non-transactional, and now you’re realizing that money can be non-transactional as well. Like love, money is just another form of energy that flows through your life,” she said.

I like that nuance. I do often think about money in transactional terms. This service for that invoice. Sell some books, receive royalties. That sort of thing. 

Viewing abundance as “unconditional wealth” provides a sense of ease that wasn’t there before. It brings me feelings of freedom and expansion. As BlackLion quipped, “expansive expenses.”

These feelings, in turn, allow more space to manifest the wealth I desire. Next week, I’m joining a group of co-creators for Law of Attraction coach Jeannette Maw’s latest manifesting party: 7-Day Money Manifester. (Join us here if it calls to you). 

As we know from New Age philosophies, Buddhist spirituality, and ancient magickal practices, holding too tightly to that which you desire will restrict your ability to manifest it. Non-attachment is part of the process.

By taking my relationship with money out of the realm of transactional steps, I’m making it easier to achieve my goals. 

It’s not the specific transactions, or even the current economic climate, that matter. My business has been growing and thriving throughout the “economic crunch” of the pandemic. There’s no reason why my wealth – or yours – won’t continue to expand.

Especially when I’m tapping into the free-flowing energy of “unconditional wealth.” It’ll be fascinating to see what unfolds next in my experience of prosperity.

I’ll keep you apprised.

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