Starcat’s Favorites: The Mysteries

Back in the late summer, I signed myself up for a couple of new – well, I guess you’d call them life coaching packages, though it’s more like magickal or spiritual coaching, really.

One was an offering from an inspiring coach I’d met via the WEALTH course. I signed up for a free consult she’d posted about, and connecting with her lit up something in me, so I joined her program.

The other was a barter with a longtime client who is an amazing energy worker. I’m in her program as well as getting private coaching sessions.

At the time when I set these up, I couldn’t really see why I would need them. I felt like I already had plenty of support in place. Yet the Universe was clearly nudging me forward, so I trusted my intuition and went ahead with both.

I’m so glad that I did. Both have been invaluable in my grieving and healing process. I’m in a huge time of transformation, and having these two powerful women on my team is such a blessing.

The first coach I mentioned has monthly themes as part of her program, and in November we’ve been diving into the idea of DEVOTION. In one of the group calls, we did a guided meditation and then some journaling to discover what we’re devoted to currently.

It’s probably no surprise to you, dear reader, that I’m devoted to THE MYSTERIES. I mean, it wasn’t truly surprising to me, but I appreciated the reminder and having a kind of umbrella term for all the things that light me up: stories, magick, the Feminine Divine, creativity, wisdom, dreams, learning, the world of the imagination.

I’m a huge fan of The Mysteries, and I’m devoted to exploring them as I walk my path. I’ll probably even write about them, again.

Oh, and in my grieving process, I’ve found that I’ve returned with even more enthusiasm to what were probably my earliest pleasures in this lifetime: reading (fiction, in particular, because stories…) and hanging out with cats. That’s where you’ll find me this winter, curled up with a good book, a snuggly cat, and probably some tea.

Here are some articles and fun finds for you to enjoy as you snuggle in for late autumn:

A PSA and reminder: don’t try to be Superwoman. “My value is NOT determined by how productive I am, by how much I’m creating, or how much I’m doing.” Yes.

I discovered this “Leisure Learning” series and it’s fascinating to see what another creative person is discovering. Super inspiring.

I’m definitely in an “inner winter” season right now, and this article from Rebecca Campbell was helpful to read. On a related note, this is an older post but it’s such a helpful list of ways to deal with grief around the holidays.

My friend Sunshine offers these 5 Rituals to Try This Autumn. See if any of them resonate with you, then give one a whirl.

I met this cool person during a virtual conference earlier this month, and her art journal virtual retreats look awesome!

The new Energy Almanac for 2023 is out! Get yours today. They also make terrific gifts.

Sending you big blessings!

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