Starcat’s Favorites: Milton C. LoveCat

In the midst of all the chaos of this autumn, we welcomed a new feline family member into the fold. Everyone in the extended family is completely charmed by Milton.

I know you are, too, right?

He was rescued by some dear friends who weren’t able to keep him themselves, but thought of our cat-loving household. They named him Milton, for a cat they’d had years ago – not knowing that my grandfather, who lived on this land, was named Milton!

Such a cool synchronicity. I feel like Grampa sent him to cheer us up while we’re grieving the loss of my Dad (who was Milton’s son-in-law) and also Percy LoveCat.

He’s a loving, extraverted cat who wants to play and cuddle. He loves to explore – curious is his middle name. He also adores dogs and wants to play with them. We’re delighted to have him in the family.


I haven’t been spending as much time online as usual (I’ve been reading books while cuddling Milton, instead), but here are a few links from things I’ve discovered this autumn so far:

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Here’s a list of some of the best sci-fi and fantasy published this year. You’re welcome.

Enjoy the bright autumn days and the cooler nights. Blessings!

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