Starcat’s Favorites: High Summer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! According to me, at least.

Although, like some people who struggle around the winter holidays, missing loved ones, I’ve been missing my Dad a lot this summer. I thought I’d be relatively okay until the milestones coming up in the fall, but no, not really. I had to remind myself that it’s been less than a year since he died, and so it makes sense that I’m still actively grieving.

On days when I’m not quite as sad, I’ve been trying to get out and enjoy some of my favorite summer activities. I’ve been to the beach several times, and have been swimming in various lakes and ponds. I attended a couple of great concerts: Dave Matthews Band and Michael Franti.

We haven’t yet gone on a picnic, but we have plans in motion. Soon we’ll be heading up to Quester’s family camp on the ocean for a few days.

August will bring birthdays and the family reunion, and more swimming. How’s your summer going? What are you looking forward to in the weeks to come?

Here are some fun finds from the internet for your perusal in the hammock, on the deck, or at the shore. Enjoy!

I’m not at all surprised that faerie tales may be much older than we’d previously thought.

A lovely money meditation from Jeannette Maw that feels more like a magickal spell to me.

Some beautiful thoughts from We’Moon about the upcoming Lammas holy day. “Something becomes unlocked, unloosed in our still tender hearts and lifts off howling in gratitude for what needs to thrive.” – Molly Remer

The journaling prompts in the Lammas article reminded me to let you know about my summer virtual retreat, which has a luxurious spa and journaling theme. It’s happening on August 12 & 13, 2023. Join us!

A friend shared this interesting article on luck – what it is and how to cultivate it.

Looking for some longer-form reads for your summer vacation? Here’s a list of the most popular recent fantasy novels.

For my fellow organizing geeks (aka Virgos), here’s a method for using your bullet journal to keep track of big projects.

Enjoy the warm and beautiful days of high summer!

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