Starcat’s Favorites: Autumn and Community

I’m loving the energies of autumn coming in. Can you feel it?

This week’s Parallel PlayDate had a theme of community. I based the guided meditation and writing prompt on some reading I’d been doing on forests. Until fairly recently, scientists had thought the trees in a forest competed for resources. But it’s not true!

Actually, thanks to the underground root system and the mycelium network, a forest is a collaborative community. 

It reminds me of the community of “biz sisters” I’ve been part of for several years now. We collaborate, we shout out each others’ projects, we give referrals and feedback and support and time to one another. It’s such a Feminine Divine way of being entrepreneurs.

As we transition from summer to fall, this element of community, which in centuries past would have manifested as farm families collaborating on the collective harvest, is coming to the foreground. How are you showing up in and for your communities?

Here are some of the things I’ve been checking out recently. I hope they’re as inspiring for you as they are for me!

Martha Stewart popped up in my emails from two separate sources, which delights my Virgo side. This blog post made me laugh, and nod in recognition. Leonie Dawson reviewed one of Martha’s organization books. It’s fall cleaning and decluttering time.

I enjoyed reading Rebecca Campbell’s suggestions for celebrating the arrival of fall. I’ll also share my own article on Fall Equinox with you.

Here are two gems from Jeannette Maw: a new blog post on trusting your inner guidance, and an older one about money mantras.

As I’ve noted before, I prefer reading to watching videos, but there are exceptions. I absolutely love Anna Bellissima’s YouTube channel! It’s all about practical magick and using it in your business and life. Check out her lesson on working with Mercury.

Here’s a fun and helpful reminder about seeking relationship with your creative muses.

I’m loving Lorde’s new album, Solar Power. This article showcases her quirky creative personality. It reminds me of a Netflix show I’m savoring, Anne with an E.


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