Are You In the Autumn Groove?

Happy Autumnal Equinox, also known as Mabon! Fall has officially arrived.

Fall is associated with the element of water. Last night I led an online ritual that was focused on both water and Mabon, and the two energies worked well together. We invoked Yemaya, mother of the sacred waters.

I’ve been working with Her for about seven years now. The images in this post are from earlier this month, when my mermaid sisters and I celebrated Her annual feast day with ritual and offerings.

I learned fairly recently that the energies of autumn and spring mirror one another, and are both active times, as do winter and summer, which are quieter and more restful. I’ve been celebrating the seasons for decades, but this was a new-to-me way of seeing those seasonal energies.

A new friend, who I’ve been doing dreamwork with, described how the busy, airy energies (which she associated with Gemini, though in this case I’m linking them with spring) feel different from the active, flowing energies of water. Although both move quickly at times, and both have currents, the experience is not exactly the same.

The flow through air feels more chaotic, like trying to juggle a whole bunch of balls, with more being added and some bouncing away. Think of the wind blowing the fall leaves around the yard. They don’t all end up where you want them to, and you find yourself having to begin again.

It’s like trying to multitask, but finding that rather than saving time, your projects actually take longer because you’re continually interrupted.

Flowing with water is just as changeable, but more contained. The currents are playful and dance around, but ultimately are all headed in the general direction of the sea. This flavor of activity feels more restful to me. After writing for a while, I get up to move my body, and clean the kitchen. Then it’s time for some client calls, followed by errands with one of my beloveds.

The watery energy of fall calls me forward, but in a gentler motion than the wild inspiring winds of spring.

I’m finding this week that I’m flowing through my days with less effort, yet still getting things done. My biz work is woven in with errands and chores, creative play, and yoga sessions. Fall as the season of water feels true in a new way this year.

When I follow the flow, rather than micro-managing my time and activities, I end the day less tired and having accomplished more. I enjoy the journey.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that going with the flow is a thread I’ve been following for a long time. Yet it still feels fresh and new.

Perhaps I’m just finally able to balance my Virgo Sun (earth) and Cancer rising (water), which is something I’ve been focused on this year. Whatever the reason, I’m feeling good as we enter my second-favorite season, even though the warm weather of summer is behind us.

How about you? What’s your favorite season? What element is associated with it? What elements do you have the most of in your chart? How does that energy support (or hinder) the way you move through the world?

Tell me what you think!

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