Why I’m a Druid by D&D Rules

Do you play that imagination game where you figure out what you’d be in a certain scenario? For example, which Hogwarts House you’d be sorted into (Ravenclaw, of course), and that sort of thing?

Or is that just me? I love those little sorting and labeling quizzes, though I try to resist them now since they have the reputation for bringing computer viruses.

If you’ve played Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll know that the magickal-type characters are divided into neat little categories. Priests & priestesses get their power from a deity of some sort. Mages develop their arcane power from studying and spellcraft. There are other variations, but those are the basics.

In the game, you can’t be both. That would be too “OP” (overpowering), as the gamers say. Heh.

But I feel like I have elements of both. I call myself a priestess, because my power definitely flows forth from the Divine energy of All That Is, and more specifically through the archetype of the Goddess. However, I do study and practice magick. I love spells and rituals. I’m a fae scholar of the mysteries. I’ve spent the middle part of this year expanding my studies of Western occultism, and I love it.

In D&D, the druids are considered a subset of priest. Their power comes from Nature, and that resonates with me. Also, in terms of historical druidical practices, my heritage is mainly from the Celtic isles. So chances are good that some of my blood ancestors were druids. Also, I can talk with animals pretty easily.

However, the practices of modern druids, while beautiful, aren’t quite my thing. For one, I’m not really a gardener or outdoorsperson. I love Nature, but I’m most at home in a cozy room surrounded by books and crystals – which sounds more like a mage, right?

If I were being judged by the rules of D&D, I guess druid is the closest fit. But I’d be the one with an untended garden, nestled in the crook of a tree reading a book and taking notes with a quill pen (made from a feather that a bird gifted to me).

What about you? How does your magick manifest? What D&D character class best describes your approach to living your life? Which Hogwarts House is yours? Inquiring (playful) minds want to know…

Tell me what you think!

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