Starcat’s Favorites: Daily Spiritual Practice

The last couple of weeks have been like a rollercoaster. Lots of ups and downs – both personally and collectively.

My astrologer friends tell me that, given what’s going on in the stars, it’s to be expected. This is a time of big transitions.

I’m so thankful that I always have my daily spiritual practice to keep me centered (or as centered as possible).

My current practice includes meditation, alchemical journaling, and Tarot cards. I also write down my dreams, and I’m keeping a Pray Rain Journal. I spend time in the morning and again in the evening on my spiritual well-being. It’s non-negotiable.

My practice is like a rock. It’s always there, whether I’m having a rough day or a fantastic one.

One of my other favorite ways to stay centered is, of course, reading (along with enjoying art and music). Here are some interesting tidbits I’ve found recently:

Celebrating the season of Autumn.

5 reasons to read fantasy – not that I needed any.

September is the month to celebrate some of my favorite Goddesses!!! Learn more about the Mothers of the Sacred Waters and my beloved Yemaya.

Check out this amazing art exhibit on the streets of Portland (Maine).

Need an emotional boost? Try some uplifting music. I loved this Tiny Desk concert with some amazing musicians.

A friend in my mastermind group recommended Nick Breau as a helpful Law of Attraction coach – and he offers a free course on the art of manifesting.

Getting plenty of protein (but not too much) helps keep your immune system strong.

This is a long but very interesting article on the Victim Triangle. Super helpful for shadow work…

A comic book guide to the bardo, the Tibetan Buddhist afterlife. Because, well, why not?

Enjoy your weekend!

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