Starcat’s Favorites: Balance

It’s that time of year when I have to pay closer attention than usual to balance. What do I mean by that? The balancing postures in my yoga practice?

Well, yes, I do love a good tree pose, but I mean balance in terms of activity and rest. Everyone is coming out of hibernation, the weather is warmer, and my weekends are starting to fill up with social events.

That’s all well and good, but as an ambivert who leans toward the introvert side of the spectrum, I need my down time, too.

Just last month, glancing at the calendar, my activities have included: two birthday celebrations (one at a singalong piano bar), yoga classes in the studio, the first in-person meeting of my women’s group in many months, a Celebration of Life for my cousin’s husband, a Full Moon celebration with friends, family D&D sessions, and of course the usual weekly family dinners. And more!

Today we’re going to breakfast and a book sale, and I look forward to integrating some new books into my home library and then settling down with a stack of them. Which reminds me – I’ve finished my book cataloguing project! Here are some stats, as promised. Drumroll, please…

Physical books in our home library: 1,928

I also have 195 e-books in my digital library.

Here are some interesting tidbits to check out:

This article has such a powerful message. There’s a lot of truth here.

A useful video on how to make magickal sigils – I tried out the second method and it came out great.

A friend was telling me about this website where you can order healthier candies. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look delicious.

Here’s a new tune by Jason Mraz, with uplifting lyrics. Fun!

I had another guest post published on Mike Dooley’s website – my ninth. Click here to read my article.

Enjoy your day, and remember the importance of balance.

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