Starcat’s Favorites: Snowy Days

I know, I know, I make no secret about winter being my least favorite season.

I understand that many people dread snowy days because they have to move all that snow around. I’m blessed to live with three strong men who deal with the snow moving, and thus I don’t have to do it myself.

The thing I like about snowy days is how beautiful and quiet everything is. It’s like permission from Mother Nature to actually slow down and rest.

Rest is something I’ve needed lots of, lately. Rather than feeling guilty about it, I’ve embraced it. So, I like it when the weather collaborates, and plans are cancelled.

Lately, I’ve mostly been reading books – the actual paper kind – but I do have some fun finds from the web to share with you:

I’m currently in the process of cataloguing the books in my home library. So far the list is handwritten (with part of it in a Word document), but I’ve been looking into the best cataloguing system. I think I’m going to go with LibraryThing.

Speaking of books, here are a couple of “best books” lists, one from Bookfinity and a much more detailed (and fun to read) one from The Marginalian.

I enjoyed this article, 5 Tips to Regain Your Power. “Your physical, mental health, and happiness are worth more than a potential missed opportunity. The most powerful word we have is a full sentence. No.

In modern Pagan mythology we most often think of the moon as feminine and the sun as masculine. But that wasn’t always the case.

Planning to travel in 2023? This might be the best time to make your bookings.

One of my mentors mentioned the “3-6-9” method of manifesting, and I hadn’t heard of it, so I looked it up.

Mike Dooley shared this article on the “light body,” and I found it quite interesting.

What are you reading these days?

Tell me what you think!

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