Starcat’s Favorites: Cats. Always cats.

Oh, beloveds, I haven’t written here since June. Why?

On July 4th, my beloved familiar Sir Percival T. LoveCat crossed the rainbow bridge.

He was 13, and lived a wonderful life, and yet it was way too soon. It’s been so hard, missing his physical presence.

Percy helped me build my beloved second career, as you’ll know if you’ve been on any Zoom calls with me, ever. You’ve certainly seen him all over this blog, and my other websites.

He was a housecat through and through, and loved to be part of whatever we were up to, so it’s been super hard without him. His brother Merlin misses him, too.

I don’t have the words to express how special Percy was to me, so I’ll simply share some pictures.

Scroll down for some interesting reading on the web that I’ve collected over the summer.

It’s still hard, guys, nearly two months later. Grief sucks. I’ll leave you with these pics and, as promised, some links to explore.

One of the things that soothes my Virgo soul is beautifying and organizing my home. I love The Home Edit, and their tips & tricks have been helpful as I set up my new home office (which is done, by the way! I’ll give you a tour in a future post).

I’m not quite ready to invest in a beach home (or retreat center?!?), but it’s on the bucket list, and this post was inspiring to read.

I’m planning to buy this Bujo for Witches self-guided course and go through it this autumn. Wanna join me?

I’ve been vegetarian (or some variation thereof) for nearly three decades. Lately my body doesn’t enjoy dairy, so I’ve been looking into vegan options again. This post was useful in my search.

I love Rebecca Campbell’s books and oracle decks. Here’s her quiz to find out what type of mystic you are. I got “The Truth Teller,” which seems appropriate for a writer.

On the topic of speaking your truth, my friend Sunshine wrote this excellent article. “Everyone else’s thoughts, although interesting, are irrelevant.” Love it!

Another friend wrote about her Visions of the Great Mother.

As a longtime household manager myself, I adore this post on The Mental Load. Can you relate?

Something else I’ve discovered while researching: beeswax candles are the healthiest to burn. I got some nice pillar ones from Target. Etsy also has lots of them.

Why would authors (myself included) choose independent publishing over a more traditional method? Here are 5 good reasons.

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