Starcat’s Favorites: My Community

I’ve had kind of a struggly winter, blah blah blah. Who hasn’t? I hope you haven’t, actually.

But the cool thing is that I have such a vibrant and supportive community. I’m so thankful. I’ve surrounded myself with some extremely excellent folks. This wasn’t always the case.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing and close extended family. But over the past several years, I’ve consciously nurtured (and expanded) my tribe of friends, biz sisters, and acquaintances, and they are amazing. I’m so very thankful.

Here are some fun reads for your weekend:

I love Leonie Dawson. Here’s her list of The 12 Most Life-Changing Spiritual Books for Women – I got to add a few to my to-read list. She also wrote this excellent article about Why Successful Women Entrepreneurs Choose to Write Books.

As an empty-nester myself, this essay got me right in the feels.

Do you like quizzes and surveys? This site is quite captivating. I came across it thanks to an interesting Maine Calling program on the psychology of political polarization.

Longtime readers will know that I’ve been polyamorous for many years now. This video explains poly fairly realistically (though I’ve never attended an orgy or swingers’ event, myself). I totally agree that polyamory is not for everyone.

Decluttering and writing. Love it.

Also for the writers: A thoughtful essay on why writing is different with the advent of screens and the Internet. Also, why keeping a novel notebook is useful (I haven’t done this yet, but it’s a wonderfully intriguing idea).

Have a lovely weekend!


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