Starcat’s Favorites: A Writing Win

I did it! I finished writing 50,000 words in November – with three days to spare. I’ve never finished early before. Woo hoo!

The novel I’m working on isn’t done, but I’m taking a few days off from it. I have another book that I’ve been editing, which is wanting my time and attention: Follow the Ebb & Flow: The Law of Attraction and the Tides of Life. Coming soon – as soon as I finish my edits…

Plus there are some fun things to get up to this holiday weekend, like a restorative yoga class, some time with friends, and roller skating!

Oh, and reading. Always reading.

Here are some good reads (and listens) for your weekend:

Heads up, northern hemisphere – cold weather is coming. Here’s how to update your mindset on winter and thrive during the darkest days.

Does laziness even exist? As this article says, perhaps not. “For decades, psychological research has been able to explain procrastination as a functioning problem, not a consequence of laziness.”

Yes, you can run a business as an introvert!

More about mindful eating. Also, picking the best diet for you. Want to go even deeper? Check out this book list centered on where our food comes from.

I LOVE this NPR Tiny Desk Concert with the irrepressible, super-talented Lizzo (lots of swearing, fair warning).

A thought-provoking excerpt from a book, Radical Dharma, that’s going on my to-read list.

Why older women will rule the world. I love that there’s a picture of Dame Judi Dench. And this:  “The new women’s movement is entrepreneurship.”

Marie Kondo interviews Elizabeth Gilbert – a must-read!

Enjoy your weekend and take it easy on yourself.

Tell me what you think!

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