Sprinting to the Finish: NaNoWriMo Days 24-27

NaNoWriMo, November 2019, DAY 24 – 2003 words

Dear Diary,

I did my writing in the evening, after a day of making more holiday cards and then going out to dinner with BlackLion and some of his co-workers. No sprints this time, but I didn’t seem to need them. The scenes are rolling out of my imagination smoothly!

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of my characters ends up in a casino in Patterns book 1. Well, there’s now a casino scene (or two) in book 3, as well! The picture shows the game I like, upon which I based the slot machine that my characters are drawn to. With a chosen name like Starcat, there had to be cat magick in my books!

DAY  25 –  1973 words

Dear Diary,

Again I wrote in the evening, and again with no sprints, just writing on my own. The characters seem to know pretty much what to do.

I’m a little concerned that sometimes my scenes are rather passive, with characters thinking and talking more than doing. But I’ve been making sure to leave each scene on an interesting twist or a slight cliffhanger. 

Once again, it’s something to fix in revisions. Now is not the time for that.

DAY  26 –  1558/1879 words

Dear Diary,

I wrote in my bedroom, relaxing in my PJs after a rather busy day. I’m so glad the New Moon finally arrived today. I’ve been on a sort of wild ride, emotionally.

Not about the writing, though. That’s still been going fine. I love having this creative outlet, where I begin to picture the scene in my imagination and then just describe it as it unfolds.

I decided to add up all the words I’d written once again, since I’m getting so close. The first 18K words I wrote this month were actually for the ending of Patterns book 2. When I start a new scene, I often tend to add a few words or a sentence or two to the previous one, as a transition or to make something a bit clearer.

So while I wrote 1558 new words today, I had an overall gain of 1879. That’s 321 words that I did write this month, but hadn’t previously been counted. Adventures in math.

I finished the night at 48,125. I should be wrapping things up tomorrow!

DAY  27 –  2086 words

Dear Diary,

I just finished the word count goal and “won” NaNoWriMo, with a total of 50,211 words written this month! Huzzah! I’ve “won” four times before, but this is the earliest I’ve done so, with three full days still left to go.

It seems a little anticlimactic, though I did have a small celebratory glass of vegan eggnog.

It’s probably because I’m nowhere near done with the current book. I finished writing book 2 early in the month, and now I’m probably one-third of the way through book 3. Which is nothing to sneeze at, really.

I’m going to take tomorrow off – it’s Thanksgiving, after all – and then see how I feel about continuing the story, or whether I want a longer break.

BlackLion is still not quite to the finish line, though it’s in sight for him. I’m cheering him – and all of you who are still writing – on! Go, team!

Tell me what you think!

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