More, Please: NaNoWriMo Days 17-19

NaNoWriMo, November 2019, DAY 17 – 1982 words

Dear Diary,

I like Sundays because that’s usually my day to sleep in a bit. Not that I get up particularly early most days. I’m not a morning person.

Today BlackLion and I went to the casino with my parents and brother. We played the slot machines and had lunch together; it’s one of my Dad’s favorite outings, though we only do it two or three times a year, usually. In my first Patterns novel, I have a scene where the main character goes to a casino and falls into a trance while playing the slots.

Anyway, we did our writing in the evening, with sprints and such. I’m enjoying this new book as it emerges. I’ve been planning each scene shortly before writing it. It seems to be working so far.

DAY 18 –  1902 words

Dear Diary,

I knew today would be a busy day, so I got my writing in this morning at the coffee shop. I had cinnamon herbal tea, which was delicious and warming. The writing went smoothly, and I even had time to take a look at my arc for the series as a whole, and make some notes and adjustments.

Then I worked at the radio station, and afterwards we went to my parents house to make holiday cards. We have quite a collection of stamps, paper, ink pads, and cool sparkly things. It’s a fun hobby.

But I was tired by the time we got home, and glad I’d already written. Mondays are long.

DAY 19 – 2121 words

Dear Diary,

I woke up in a funk today. I’m finding it challenging to adjust myself to the long nights and cold damp weather. I’ve lived here all my life, but it still gets me sometimes. Then again, it could be the peri-menopause. Heh heh.

As the day went on I felt better, and an evening yoga class definitely helped.

Did sprints with the crew on Discord, and the scene came out pretty well, I think.

I always forget how much creative bandwidth writing 50K words in a month occupies in my psyche, even though it only actually takes up an hour or two of time each day. I’m thinking about, and sometimes worrying about, my book even when I’m doing other things.

But it’s worth it.

Tell me what you think!

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