Starcat’s Favorites: A Rollercoaster Ride

No, not a literal rollercoaster, although I do enjoy those. What I’m referring to is that I’ve been having quite the adventure this month! 

It was my birthday, and I had fun celebrating with family and friends. Some wonderful witchy folks also gathered with me for our 7th annual ritual for Yemaya’s Feast Day.

Then there was my book launch for The Elements of Creativity. What a wild whirlwind of a ride! I’ve received so much delightful support from my creative and entrepreneurial community. I’m thankful. The responses I’ve been getting about the book so far are overwhelmingly positive. This book is part of my mission to help other creatives bring forth their stories and wisdom, so it feels great to know that it’s now out there doing its sacred work. You can check it out and get your copy over here.

We’ve also reached the one-year anniversary of my Dad’s death, so I’m feeling tender and vulnerable (as is the rest of the family, especially my Mom). I found the perfect quote from Brene Brown, in her book Rising Strong, to sum up my experience with grief over the past year: 

“Owning our stories of heartbreak is a tremendous challenge when we live in a culture that tells us to deny our grief.” – Brene Brown

This goes for my grief for my sweet cat brothers, Percy and Merlin, as well – maybe even more so, as many people only acknowledge grief for humans who have departed. Cats are family, too, for me, and I feel their absence deeply.

Ah well. Life goes on, with its joys and sorrows, and before I know it, I’ll be hosting my next virtual writing retreat, Never Write Alone. Then we’ll have Halloween/Samhain, and be well into autumn. 

I’m grateful for the rituals and holidays that guide me around the Wheel of the Year, and the blessings of my beloved community to share them with each year. 

Here are some of my fun or interesting finds from the internet this month:

Speaking of grief, did you know that there’s a kind of grief that happens when you finish a big project?

I think perhaps we all need this WTF Tarot Spread.

On boundaries and how to protect your “inner garden.”

A friend told me about this “most beautiful twins in the world” article, and I found it inspiring in terms of imagining characters for my fantasy fiction.

More inspiration came from this look at the indoor decorating “color of the year.” So pretty! Along those same lines, this look at Erykah Badu’s studio was fun to watch.

How many steps do we need to take in a day for optimum health? Maybe not as many as you might think.

My wonderful biz sister wrote this terrific post about my new book (and why she gets support with her writing projects). The book also got a glowing review over here. Check it out!


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