Starcat’s Favorites: End of Summer

I know, I know, I always go on about how much I love summer. It’s true, I do. But I also adore autumn. So the end of summer brings more loveliness.

This year it’s all a bit tricky. Not only because the weather has been weird, making for less swimming and other outdoor activities than usual. There are also lots of unpleasant anniversaries coming up, relating to my Dad’s death last September. The first family reunion without him, my first birthday without him, the date of his passing, and on and on. 

Also, our beloved Merlin LoveCat has disappeared. He’s 14 and a half, and has always been an independent fellow with a deep love of nature. We tearfully suspect he went on a walkabout over the rainbow bridge. Maybe he’s with his brother Percy, reunited in the Summerlands. I’ll write more when I can. It’s hard.

We all know it: grief is a bitch. A friend told me about compounded grief, which is what happens when you have multiple losses. After last year and this year, I think I’m under its spell. 

Even so, I’m blessed with a delightful family, the best friends ever, and a community of Thriving Artists who make me smile every day. I have books and Milton Lovecat and work that I truly enjoy. I’m endlessly grateful.

I’ve also got a big book launch coming up, which helps me divert my attention from my grief when I need a break.  

So yeah, I’m welcoming the final gorgeous days of summer and leaning into the autumn energies. Can you blame me?

Here are some recent finds on the web, in case you’re looking for some distraction of your own:

We finished watching Jane the Virgin and I absolutely loved it. I hadn’t realized that she’s a writer, too. I want to write a telenovela! Besides Jane, Rojelio is my favorite character.

There’s a lot of talk about AI (artificial intelligence) right now. Here are some thoughts about using it to support your manifesting practices.

I’m daydreaming of tropical vacations. Here’s an article about visiting Bermuda.

I’m reading Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower right now; it’s fantastic. Here’s a list of book recommendations for fantasy and sci-fi fans.

The Chani Nicholas astrology app is now available for Android and I’m super excited! I’ve been reading it every morning. Love it.

In September I’m going to join a few other witchy biz folks doing the Garbage Post Challenge. This is the podcast episode that describes what it is.

Sending you lots of love on your journey, especially if you’re under the spell of grief. We can do this.

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