Starcat’s Favorites: High and Low All at Once

I know I’ve referred to one of Quester’s favorite quotes here before, more than once. It’s by the band Moe, and goes “it’s high and low all at once, not one or the other.” This month has been one of those times when the quote comes in handy.

We lost two dear people from our extended clan. My wonderful Uncle Merton (Dad’s oldest brother) died after a fall at age 91. He was very kind and loving and adored the outdoors. My Mom’s best friend Carol died in hospice after a short but intense terminal cancer (it’s Mom pictured here, at the beach – I’m sending her lots of love in her time of grief). I’d known Carol since I was a teen and she felt like family, too. She was funny and loyal and loved animals, especially horses. The last time I saw her, less than 3 weeks ago, a bunch of us went to see the Downton Abbey movie together.

These losses have me feeling sad and heavy-hearted. Combined with the waning moon and the shorter days of autumn, it’s been hard to keep up my usual light spirits.

At the same time, though, there’s fun stuff mixed in. We celebrated my Dad’s 79th birthday by taking him to one of his favorite places – Oxford Casino – for slots and lunch. I’ve also been leading various writing workshops. Seeing all the amazing work these writers are doing lifts my spirits. I have a creative project or two in hand, of course. BlackLion and I are co-authoring a book called Follow the Ebb & Flow: The Law of Attraction and the Tides of Life, coming out later this fall, so that’s keeping us busy. I just attended my biz coach’s fall retreat, which was amazingly inspiring as always.

I’m blessed and thankful, even in the face of loss.

Here are some links to enliven your day:

Jeannette Maw on keeping your manifesting magick going.

I met a lovely, soft-spoken artist at a local women’s meetup, and later looked up her website. I love her blog about the meaning of ritual.

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“Redefining our relationship with stuff” – seems like a good idea. A long article, but worth the read.

I adore reading lists. This one, themed around Dark Goddesses, is perfect for this time of year.

This beautiful meditation invites you to “adventure into the wilderness of your own discomfort.”

Here’s another longer read that’s totally worthwhile, on ancestral healing.

Have a lovely weekend!

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