A Summertime Thing

Oh, dear neglected blog! I’ve been off enjoying the summer weather and lots of fun events with friends, plus working on more books. I recently read that blogs aren’t as popular as they once were, and that perhaps their time has passed. I disagree! I still enjoy reading and writing blog posts, and I’ve just refreshed my own blogging plans so that I’ll be here with you more often.

Kids at GolfSo, what have I been up to, exactly? This summer has included the usual round of birthdays and family reunions. I’ve been swimming a lot, and spending time with my kids, who are now nearly grown up. Here’s a picture of them with their partners when we all went mini-golfing – ElvenTiger (age 17) is the redhead, and Dryst (just turned 20) is on the far right. They are both in love, and their partners fit in well with our family. I’m so blessed. My kids are awesome. By the way, my son got me playing the new Pokemon Go game, and it’s really a blast!

Other than that, fun events from this summer have included an Indigo Girls concert, attending the Bonnaroo music festival with Quester for our 25th wedding anniversary, lots of beach time with friends, a little bit of performing (though not as much as in previous years, by choice), and visiting with friends and family from out of town who come to this lovely vacationland in the summer months. There were a couple of hospital visits (my Mom and a friend), which fall into the not-so-fun category, but both of them are doing better now.

I’ve also been busily writing my next book, which will come out in November. It’s called The Heart of the Goddess, and is a bigger project than I’ve tackled before. I’m really excited about it. A close friend asked me a few months ago when I was going to write something that went deeper than the introductory-level books I’ve been writing so far. Well, it’s now underway!

BlackLion and I have been working on a very exciting collaboration, which is also related to the subject matter of my upcoming book. We interviewed 14 community leaders about the awakening of human consciousness and the resurgence of the Goddess and her values. They discuss their callings, how they live their values in everyday life, what they do when they get off track, and how they stay focused in a world that’s outwardly way off-balance. The resulting e-book, which will be free to anyone who requests it, is called Goddess Awakening: The Rise of the Feminine Divine, and will be available on September 12th. I can’t wait to share the gems of wisdom offered by each of the contributors! I know you’ll love it.

I hope your summer (or your winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere) has been full of fun and blessings! I’m stepping into a whirlwind of a busy fall, but I’ll be here more often, checking in and sharing my favorite insights and discoveries. Cheers!

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