Starcat’s Favorites: Labors of Love

Purple FlowerHappy Labor Day weekend, if you’re in the U.S. If not, well, happy weekend anyway! The list of resources I want to share with you this week certainly reflects my own recent labors, working on my two book projects. The Heart of the Goddess book in particular has had me following the trails of some interesting topics I needed to research. I love my work.

Today, though, I took some time off from writing and spent a lovely morning with my Mom, visiting a craft fair in a local seaside town. My friend from high school and her band were playing, so we got to say hello to her and enjoy the music. We shared some yummy quiche and a carrot cake muffin for brunch, caught up with another friend we encountered there, and had fun looking at all the cool items for sale. Mom treated me to a beautiful owl pendant! We stopped at a farm stand on the way back and got a few things, too. I’m so blessed – my Mom is an awesome person and we love to hang out together.

So, here are the links I’ve been saving up to share with you.

The Feast Day of the Goddess Yemaya is coming up in just a few days, on September 7th. I’ve been really connecting with Her and with my mermaid roots, this summer. And yes, She’s in the book!

Happy Birthday to my Virgo sisters and brothers! Here’s a cool write-up on our sometimes misunderstood sign.

Examining – and embracing – the word priestess.

Why we do spiritual practice – from the lips of the Dalai Lama, no less!

A hearty YAY to this list of ways to love a self-employed person!

I’m soooo excited to put together my bullet journal for 2017. I know, geeky, right?

“Maybe a massive global groove is all we need to break free of the patriarchy!” I love this article on dance as meditation.

This was one of the fun rabbit holes my book research led me down: the metaphysics of music. A long but fascinating read.

I’m studying up on prosperity, and so I created a Pinterest board with related resources.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and a blessing-filled week as well!

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