Gratitude to Yemaya!

Last weekend I posted, among other things, a link to an article about the Feast Day of Yemaya, the Mother of Oceans. On Thursday, I gathered with three witchy friends at my favorite beach, and we did a ritual offering to the Goddess Yemaya. It was beautiful, profound, and such a delight.


We gave offerings to Yemaya, said prayers to Her, and made wishes. Then we swam in the ocean, getting tossed around by the cold waves, laughing and shrieking. It was amazing.


Early this morning, I visited another beach, in the company of BlackLion, his Mom (who is our official photographer), and ElvenTiger. We did the book cover photo shoot for our two upcoming books. Yemaya was with us there, too.

We were graced with a gorgeous sunrise and perfect weather. The official book cover pictures will be shared later, but here’s a pre-dawn photo I took when we first arrived on the beach.


And this is BlackLion’s shot of the sunrise, with our favorite model, ElvenTiger.


I’m so thankful for my family, my friends, the gorgeous place where we live, and the Goddess Yemaya’s blessings. I love this life. Blessed Be!

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