Starcat’s Favorites: Water and Sky

SeaAndSkyI know I’ve mentioned about a hundred gazillion times that I love summer. Not really a popular opinion this week here in Maine, when the temperatures are in the mid 90s. Most people I run into are complaining about being too dang hot. But I love it.

My favorites this summer are swimming and watching the sky. Yesterday I saw gorgeous clouds, dozens of dragonflies converging on our yard at dusk, a deep-yellow half-moon, and two shooting stars. And that’s just one day! I’ve been swimming in the ocean, the river, and a couple different lakes. I’m satisfying my mermaid longings, and storing up the delicious sensations for when it’s too cold to swim outdoors. It’s feeding my soul. I’m so thankful.

Here are some links to enjoy, perhaps beachside or in the hammock. Enjoy being outdoors as much as you can. If it’s too hot for you during the day, a nighttime walk will get you out under those amazing stars. Have fun!

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I hadn’t heard of a commonplace book before, or not by that name anyway, but this sounds really intriguing. It reminds me of reading Experience Curating by Joel Zaslofsky, which I loved.

Enjoy these gorgeous summer days!

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