How to Make Love to a Priestess

I wrote a poem last night. It’s been a while since my inspiration has gone in such a poetic direction. It started writing itself in my head while I was in the shower, and when I got dried off and grabbed my notebook, this is what emerged.

How to Make Love to a Priestess of the Goddess
by Nikki Starcat Shields

rockpicIt’s a busy time for the priestesses,
What with the rise of the Feminine Divine,
And all that resistance
And backlash
And such.
Your priestess is probably tired,
Though invigorated.
She’s working hard
To heal old wounds,
Uplift the community,
Run her household,
(Like a queen)
And tend to her gardens,
Whether literal or metaphorical,
Or both.
To make love to this priestess,
Approach her in reverence.
Worship her golden being.
Maybe offer to bathe her feet,
Or rub her aching calves.
Be gentle.
Stroke her as if she were a
Wary cat.
Remember all the things she does for you
Every day, without being asked;
The things you might not even notice
Unless they were absent.
Make love to her with an attitude of
Generous service.
Bringing her pleasure,
The way she desires,
Will delight you, as well.
Sometimes she forgets,
In her whirlwind of energy,
That she has a body,
One that can relax and release,
Receive as well as give,
And join in sacred connection
With her beloved consort.
Remind her.


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  1. I think your poems are absolutely wonderful – you haven’t lost your touch. I have a few of your older ones around the house in frames. Keep it up when the notion strikes. I love them, and you of course!! xoxoxo

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