A Poem From the Animus

What I Love About You
by Nikki Starcat Shields

Your willingness to continually
Show up for yourself
and your dreams.
The way we danced
the tango
last night,
tangled in drifts
of potential.
How clearly you see
your fears.
The friends you don’t
see anymore
but still care about.
Waking up hungry
for more life.
You manifest like a poet.
You write wild
and live tame.
You’re open to change
and steeped
in habit.
Your soul dances
to rhythms
that have never yet
been played.
Your darkness guides you
back to the light.
You play hard
and work softly.
Your love
is demanding.
Your compassion
is fierce.
You insist on staying grounded
in bliss.
Your broken smile
is radiant.
You act globally
and think locally.
You have the growl
of a kitten.
You don’t exist at all.
You are everywhere.
You are as powerful
as a monarch butterfly.
Your sovereignty
frees me.

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