Research and Poetry

This new book I’m working on, The Heart of the Goddess, has me doing research. Well, perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I’m gathering research that I’ve been doing for years, and filling in the gaps as needed. I have stacks of notebooks on a shelf by my bed, filled with notes from my years of reading and studying.

I was looking through one of them this morning for some information on HeartMath, and found this poem that I’d written in 2009 and since forgotten all about. As it happens, I do have a section on Kali planned for the book, too. I love fun synchronicities like that!

In the Garden I Am Kali

I tread through life with gentle steps
Wanting to help others touch their joy.
Genuinely I yearn to nurture life –
Having no effect is better than harshness.
Yet in the garden I am Kali,
Tearing up weeds with calm abandon,
Scattering colonies of earthworms
With rarely any apology or regret,
Simply tucking them back into their beds
And proceeding forth with my destruction.
Order is born from chaos.

gardenfaeLongtime readers will know that I’m not much of a gardener – I pretty much have a “brown thumb.” But this was during a time when I was helping BlackLion in the garden pretty frequently.

His gardens are doing well this summer, without any interference from me! I did give him this faery statue for the herb spiral garden, and she seems to be helping the plants to thrive.

I hope your creations are thriving and that you’re having a fun summer!

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