Starcat’s Favorites: A Taste of Spring

This is how we roll in springtime in Maine. Snow and new growth, co-existing until one day the melting accelerates. As I write this, the rain is helping with the melting process.

It’s also the eve of the Full Blue Moon, and nearly the end of March (can I get a resounding “huzzah!”?). It’s been a strange month in my neck of the woods, mostly because my dear hubby Quester fell and broke his ankle, badly, in late February. He had surgery and has been at home recovering since.

It’s made life interesting. As an empath, witnessing my partner in pain on a regular basis is just not so fun. Plus I’ve been caring for him, as he is on “non-weight bearing” status for several weeks – and then there’s all the stuff that he usually does to ensure the household runs smoothly. It’s been quite a ride.

As I write this, Quester is away for a couple of days at his other partner’s place. One of the many benefits of being in a polyamorous relationship is having more beloveds around to help when something like this happens. As BlackLion is also away, visiting a friend, I’m having a bit of a break. This introvert is delighted. Reading, yoga class, some Full Moon celebrating, cuddling with cats – and blogging, too…all are on the agenda for this weekend. And eating sandwiches so I get a break from cooking!

Here are some links for you to enjoy. I hope you’re getting some down time for yourself this weekend, too!

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Thanks for reading. Happy Spring!

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