Starcat’s Favorites: Fruits of Hibernation

Happy weekend all! Yes, it’s still pretty darn cold. So yes, I’m still in hibernation mode. But it’s been a very productive quiet season thus far.

The most exciting thing I have to share is that BlackLion and I have completely revised and redesigned our Feline Dreamers website. We added some adorable artwork (by BlackLion!) and new photos, simplified the layout, made the font bigger, etc. It’s now so clean and pretty and polished. Can you tell I love it?! Click here to check it out. I’d love to hear your feedback.


Plus, if you subscribe to our (also newly-redesigned) e-newsletter, you’ll receive this awesome new e-book, 101 Tips, written while I was hibernating cozily in my tower. Join the community!

I have a new Kind Over Matter guest post coming up later this month. I agreed to write a follow-up post to this one, about my friend Jenn and her death. So now, as I begin to work on it, I’m feeling a bit “what was I thinking?!” But I think it’ll be good for me to coalesce some of my thoughts and share them. In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite recent posts from the KOM website: cats and yoga for the win! And this one on stories is a must-read.

Freedom of the mind.” Sounds pretty good, right?

“Have you ever been accused of being too quiet?” Well, yes, I have. Perhaps quiet people are just living their own truth.

Do you have a big dream? Here are some tips for making it come true. And practice. Practice is always good.

Here’s a post on rediscovering your creativity, from one of my favorite bloggers ever.

And for my fellow bookworms, here are some spiritual books you might have missed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear one!

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