Starcat’s Favorites: In the Garden

daffodils.jpgHappy weekend! We’re having some April showers here today, but they’re helping the gardens, so I’m not complaining. BlackLion has been in big-time green thumb mode, creating new beds in our garden as well as tending to his seedlings. Things are starting to bloom around here after some milder weather. Here’s a picture he took this week of our lovely daffodils.

My creativity has been flourishing with the flowers, and supported by the nourishing energies of my revived daily practice of yoga and meditation. Some of my muscles are sore, but I feel uplifted and ready for even more springtime antics.

One of the things I’m doing is figuring out what my next writing project will be. Wanna help? Take our short 3-question survey about what you’d like to read next from Feline Dreamers. Thanks!

Here’s the text of a speech by a practical philosopher who is cultivating the practice of joy. Love it!

The “death” portion of the This American Life “Death and Taxes” episode was painful to listen to, but exquisite. It so accurately portrays my own experience when Jenn was in hospice, and what wonderful support the hospice nurses are in such a challenging situation. Well done. Warning: it’s intense.

Apparently the theme of the rest of this week’s links is creativity. Dive in!

I’ve been reading a bit about permaculture along with BlackLion. One of the concepts that intrigues me is the importance of edges. Here’s an inspiring post on edges and creativity.

It’s fun to peek in at the creative routines of other artists. Check out the poster!

And here are two from the same website: on getting past creative blocks, and how to live in harmony with your inner critic.

Have a joyful and creative week!


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