Who Are You, Really?

When you were born into this Earth plane, it wasn’t as a blank slate to be filled up. You brought with  you certain talents, inclinations, and preferences. Sure, you were influenced by your family members and early-life experiences. But from the palette of options that surrounded you, you made choices – even as a very young child – about what was most important to you.

Me, reading and pondering, age 2.

Me, reading and pondering, age 2.

Why was I so determined to learn how to read by the time I was four years old? Yes, my family enjoys books, but for me, stories have always been an essential part of life, almost an obsession. And I ended up becoming a writer. Go figure.

Why does my son Dryst love sports so much? It wasn’t something Quester and I particularly valued or encouraged. It’s his own passion that drives him. It’s part of who he is and how he expresses himself in the world.

What examples can you think of from your own life, or that of your kids or siblings?

The things you’ve loved since before you can remember – they are important. They are clues, pointing to who you really are, to your mission here in this lifetime.

Sometimes the connection isn’t direct or obvious. I’ve always loved cats, too, but I never wanted to be a veterinarian, or have a houseful of felines (though the latter does sound like fun). Cats of all types are my totems, though, and their energies and qualities play a big role in my self-identity. They are perfect companions for an empathic creative such as myself, and I admire them greatly.

Perhaps cats are my muses, or maybe I’m from an ancient race of aliens who appear in cat form. I’m still pondering.

What is your story? What are some of the preferences that have stayed with you, unchanging, since childhood?

What do they mean in the context of your life today? How do they relate to your biggest dreams and goals?

Take some time to think back and muse on how your preferences help define you. Leave a comment below if you’d like to share your insights. I’d love to hear them!

Tell me what you think!

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