Recovering From Mercury Retrograde

Well, that was certainly dramatic!

Mercury’s most recent journey through retrograde took place from October 4th through the 25th. These times of Mercury retrograde are when communication gets messed up – whether via technology or simple face-to-face relationships. We also have a couple of eclipses thrown into the mix for good measure.

So…. how was your experience this month? I noticed a lot of people around me, especially those involved in group endeavors, having huge emotional outbursts. People were personally offended by the words or actions of others. Those being accused were sideswiped, feeling like their good intentions had been misunderstood. I was watching mostly from the sidelines, in a support role, and I could clearly see how it really was all about miscommunication and misunderstandings.

This time I wasn’t riding the emotional roller coaster myself – probably because I had my own emotional breaking point back before the Mercury thing – but I did experience ongoing issues with technology. The tools I often use for my work weren’t reliable. My phone went wonky, I couldn’t print documents without some kind of snafu, and my laptop…well, it’s still in the shop.

Paper and pen still seemed to work fine, thankfully.

So, how do you recover from such an intense time? I found this terrific astrology article that not only explains the energies we’ve been experiencing, but also gives a forecast for the coming months. For me, this validated what I already knew to be true. Check out your forecast. What amazing possibilities are opening up for you as the wheel continues to turn?

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be here in my creative cave, happily writing, drawing, drumming and dreaming. It’s hibernation time, baby.

Tell me what you think!

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