Starcat’s Favorites: Nature Walks

riverpathtreesThe weather has finally gotten warm enough around here to go out and enjoy. I’ve been loving all the walks this week. I’ve walked by a marsh, by the river, at the beach, and down the road, with friends and on my own. Such a delight!

It’s time to start thinking about putting up the hammock. And plan some hikes, and camping trips. I’m so excited about the warm weather season! It’s short enough here in northern New England that it really deserves to be savored.

Even with all the extra nature time, I’ve managed to capture plenty of links for you to enjoy. There’s so much good stuff out there!

Earth Day was this week. This is my favorite post in celebration of our lovely Mother.

Cats and books are two of my favorite things – here’s the official word on why cats love bookstores.

Have you gotten in on the adult coloring book movement yet? It’s a lot of fun!

A lovely little glimpse into daily practice as boundaries.

oceanmagickAs the warm weather returns, my mermaid side is emerging once again, and I’m drawn to the ocean and her magick.

Are you being pursued by consciousness?

Discover more about how empathic you are.

The top 100 best memoirs. I wouldn’t have listed “memoir” as one of my favorite genres, but I’ve read several of these, have quite a few others on my to-read list, and want to read more of them now that I’ve seen the list.

Since last fall, I’ve been upgrading the entrepreneurial side of my callings, with the help of my amazing biz coach, Britt Bolnick. Here are a couple of inspiring posts on building your business gradually and working for yourself. I’ve also recently been invited to join a monthly networking dinner based on this article. So much looking forward to the gathering!

I hope you get outside and enjoy the lovely energies of the natural world. Blessings!

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