Having Good Tools

As I mentioned in my last post, I have just joined the world of smartphones. Before this, I had the same cell phone since 2006, and we’d gotten rid of our land line at about that same time. I mostly used the phone, well, to make phone calls, plus as an alarm clock when I needed one, and I did a limited amount of texting. It could take photos, but I had long since maxed out the memory it had available and didn’t want to get rid of any of the pictures to add new ones. I also didn’t need to, as I had my Kodak digital camera.

These days most of us have a variety of ways we communicate and learn using technology. Sure, some of these things can be addictive. I’m not really into playing video games, but I have definitely had time zip by while reading updates on Facebook. At the same time, if those cute games relax you, and you learn and laugh from following interesting links on Facebook, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s most valuable to use our technological tools, which I often think of as cute little pets, to support us as we do what calls to our souls. I also think that what we use them for, and how we customize these tools, reflects who we are.

My favorite creative activity is writing. I do most of it on my laptop or in a notebook. The laptop, which is a bit old but healthy, is great for editing, helping me organize my time and projects, and generally keeping track of all of the things I do for my business. I use it for e-mail, blogging, and online research. BlackLion and I share documents via e-mail and, more recently, via Google Drive. Before the smartphone, I would upload my pictures to the laptop from my digital camera, too.

I have a Kindle Fire, which I love. I am an avid reader, and adore being able to carry a stack of books in one small package. I still read paper books, too.  The Kindle is where I read blogs, and I also use it for e-mail when I’m not at the laptop. It’s clunky to type on, so I save most of my correspondence for when I’m back at the laptop, but it’s useful to be able to read through messages and get rid of ones I don’t need to respond to, and save others for later. The Kindle is perfect for reading in bed, which is a regular thing for me.

The new smartphone is less than a week old, but so far here’s what I’ve found myself using it for most: taking pictures. It has a great camera, and I can post or share the photos in many different ways. I’ve also started texting more, which I enjoyed before but took forever on the old phone. And BlackLion and I have started sharing lists on our phones, from grocery lists to things we need to accomplish for various business projects. It’s convenient and very helpful. Oh, and it also makes phone calls. Heh.

People may joke about how our society mostly uses the amazing computing power of our teensy electronic devices to spread pictures and videos of adorable felines. As a longtime cat worshiper and devotee, I don’t take the task of helping cats take over the world lightly. Well, yeah, I guess I do. But so do the cats.

What do you have for electronic devices? How do you use them? Do they help you support your soul work?

P.S. If you’re curious about such things, BlackLion and I both got Windows smartphones. We like them so far!

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