Happy Mothers Day!

Happy happy mama day to all the women reading this! Even if you’re not the mom of another human, you no doubt mother (i.e. nurture, love, and care for) someone or something in your life: friends, family, four-legged friends, a home, ideas and projects, your work, your garden, yourself…  Blessings to you on this day of acknowledging your awesome powers of love!

Me and Mom, out for a fancy lunch together.

Me and Mom, out for a fancy lunch together.

I am very blessed in the mama department. I have the most wonderful and amazing Mom in the whole universe. I love to spend time with her – we always laugh a lot and have such a fun time, and she’s always supportive and loving. Thanks, Mom! I also have other terrific Moms in my life to love. Aunt Peg is a joyful, supportive, and kind presence in my life. I’ve known her since I was born! I’m glad we’re so close. Quester’s Mom is a sweet lady who has a twinkly smile and loves her whole big family. BlackLion’s Mom is fun, creative, and great to hang out with. And then there are all the friends who are Moms – you guys rock!

I’m also lucky to have such terrific children. Dryst and ElvenTiger (the names I use for them online) enrich my life in many ways, and I’ve learned so much from them and from being their Mom. When I was young, I never really planned on having kids. I’m so glad I did. It’s really the toughest job I can think of, because you’re entrusted with these precious human beings to care for, and yet it’s also the most rewarding.

Me and my son Dryst.

Me and my son Dryst.


Me and my daughter ElvenTiger.

Our Mother's Day hike 2014.

From our Mother’s Day hike 2014.

Can’t you tell just by looking at them what wonderful kids they are?

Today has been fun. This morning was a Dark Follies troupe rehearsal, where our leader brought us yummy homemade chocolate cupcakes. I got to see Mom and Aunt Peg briefly – we’re celebrating with them and BlackLion’s Mom tomorrow evening. In the afternoon, I spent time with Quester and the kids; we had veggie burritos together and then went out hiking with the dogs. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast! We finished the evening with a movie, the Wolverine origin story.

I’m so full of gratitude today. I hope your day was a joy, and I send you extra blessings, especially if you’re missing someone on this holiday.

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