Starcat’s Favorites: Yoga and Me

Almost a month ago I revived my daily practice of yoga. What a difference it’s making in my world! Not only does my body love it, but yoga helps calm my mind, open up my emotions to flow more freely, and rev up my imagination. Just in the past couple of days, my practice has deepened and expanded. I’m in love with yoga all over again.

Remember, yoga isn’t just the poses you do in class or at home on your yoga mat. It’s a remarkable system for living, one that’s been in place for thousands of years. This coming week I’m planning to write a post that shares some yoga philosophy and resources, so you can explore it further if you like.

In the meantime, here are some inspiring links for your weekend. Get outside and enjoy the milder weather of spring!

Looking for ways to add more adventure you your life? Here are some simple and fun suggestions.

If you need that little something extra special for Mothers’ Day, check out these great cards and tags. Just print them and use them to dazzle Mom!

I highly recommend you read and follow these steps to awakening self-compassion. Mmmm….

This is so neat! Meals from books, come to life in photographs.

I found a couple of great posts on unschooling, particularly regarding older kids. One talks about learning environments to challenge teens to delve deeper into complex subject matter. Another cautions us to avoid aggrandizing the exceptional at the expense of quieter lives, which can be just as fulfilling. I appreciate both of these perspectives, and love the huge diversity of learning styles in our communities.

Talk to you soon! Blessings!


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