Starcat’s Favorites: Healthy Living

Mexicansalad.jpg…or my current best attempt at it, anyway, as I’m still learning. I’m doing yoga five times a week or more. I had a massage this week (thanks, Mom and Dad, for the gift card!).  I’ve cut out refined sugar (including alcohol), and have been avoiding fried foods (not that I eat a lot of them, but you know, like corn chips and crackers) and bread. I’m eating some dairy, but keeping it to a minimum. I’ve been indulging my body’s craving for fresh greens, which is easy since our first CSA box was chock-full of organic greens. So good! Here’s a Mexican salad which has been a lunchtime favorite lately. It contains a variety of greens, homemade pinto beans, tomatoes, cukes, homemade salsa, black olives, a bit of Cabot sour cream, and sunflower seeds. Yum!

Things have been busy here as the days seem to just zip by. I do have a few links for you, to help brighten up your weekend.

This sounds like it’s a perfect way to relax and create. A combination of poetry, collaging, and making vision boards. I’m in!

A big YES! to this blog post. “I stopped struggling and accepted the fact that magic is real…”

Learning new things is not only fun, but keeps your brain healthy. And – dancing is important.

A friend and longtime reader of this blog sent me this lovely and thoughtful article on grieving. The book is on my wish list now. Wow. Thank you.

When we were at the Life Rocks! conference, we got to see Dr. Peter Gray, the keynote speaker, who was releasing results from a study of grown unschoolers. Here’s his blog post on what he discovered. It’s an overview, to be followed by more detailed posts soon. Very interesting stuff.

I wish you good health, much joy, and a life that overflows with love.

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