Starcat’s Favorites: Farewell to May


Our lilacs in bloom.

Happy weekend! Hard to believe that it’s the end of May already. How has your spring been going? Mine’s been a bit crazy, but I seem to be settling into the ramped-up energies of this time of year. This week has been filled with creative work on the novel revisions, getting outdoors between raindrops, yoga, and family time. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and remember to take time to rest.

This lovely article is a beautiful reminder to be kind to ourselves, especially when we’re in the process of change (and when are we not?).

Feeling overwhelmed? This thoughtful post can help.

We just started reading Smithsonian magazine in our household, thanks to a friend of Mom’s who passes along the issues when she’s done reading. Wow! This article on new evidence for theories about the origins of the universe was fantastic. And the whole May issue is full of great reading, from interviews with Sir Patrick Stewart and Peter Matthiessen to an article on the interaction of science fiction and new technology. I highly recommend it.

This week I’ve been pondering about connecting different facets of myself: heart and mind, for example. This was both sparked by and reflected in some of the reading I’ve been doing. This astrology forecast for the New Moon that happened this week and this blog post both speak to the integration I’m immersed in.

I’m focusing on my physical health and wellness this spring. For me, that means giving up sugar again. Here’s an article with some good tips for getting through changes in diet in a healthy way: surviving sugar detox.

These reflections on an alternative school and its principles remind me a lot of unschooling. I also like the connection to Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey. We are each the protagonist of our own story. Love it!

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