Key Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

My Mom is a really amazing woman. No, I’m not just saying that because I was lucky enough to be born to her half a century ago.

A whole lot of people whose lives she’s touched think she’s awesome, too.

Here are 11 key life lessons I’ve learned from her.

No guilt. This is one of Mom’s favorite sayings, and it’s so true. Life is short enough. You’re going to mess up sometimes, so make amends, apologize, and move on. Why waste time on past regrets?

Enjoy life’s little pleasures. The smell of fresh baked bread. Flowering trees. A cat purring. A sunny day. Notice the little blessings that are all around you, and revel in them.

It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. This is another favorite saying of Mom’s, and she lives it. She’s kind not only to her family and friends, but to all the people she encounters.

Document the joys. People in our family sometimes roll their eyes when they see her coming with the camera again. But they also appreciate the photo calendars she makes every December, and being reminded of the fun times we’ve had throughout the year.

Family is a treasure. Mom has made us, her family (which also includes a bunch of people we’ve informally adopted), a priority throughout our lives together. She loves our positive qualities, and overlooks our flaws. This attitude of caring has rippled outward, and we all have each others’ backs. It’s a lovely way to live.

Reading is wonderful. Mom is as much of a bookworm as I am, if not more! She gifted me with the love of stories. I am ever grateful.

Women are people too. Mom taught me that there are still injustices in the world, and that we can work to change them. One of her favorite ways to do so is to lift up, encourage, and celebrate women. We’re part of a lineage of women – and others – changing society for the better.

Don’t follow the herd. Trying to be like everyone else is boring. Mom revels in her unique interests, and is super creative. She is one of a kind!

Make your own fun. I often say about my family that we’re the ones laughing together even in the Emergency Room. Literal truth. We choose to see the bizarre humor in even the toughest situations. She has led the way. She brings the fun wherever she goes. I strive to do that, too.

Be a good listener. Mom has been blessed with lots of friends. People know her as a good listener, one who will compassionately hear you out. This is a good quality to have in life.

You are tougher than you think. My Mom has survived more health challenges than 4 or 5 people put together. She is strong, even when she’s fragile. Granite rock strong. She’s shown me that even when I’m feeling weakest, I can endure, and even thrive.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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