Starcat’s Favorites: The Forest

One of the things I’ve been enjoying most during this time of sheltering in place is walking in the woods behind our home.

I’m blessed to live on family land that was my grandmother’s. She died when I was just 15, but even before that, I remember her saying how she wanted the land to be a family legacy. And now it is.

Walking on the trails we’re reclaiming gives me feelings of calm, joy, and peace. Nature is such a healer.

I’ve also (of course) been enjoying reading. Here are some inspiring reads for your weekend.

While there is without doubt a lot of suffering and fear right now, there are also some silver linings and plenty of opportunities for growth, both individually and collectively. I enjoyed this article on the “Corona cocoon” and this one about not going back to exactly the way things were.

So many of my favorite wise women are writing about the bigger lessons we’re gaining, and how to navigate our way through: Danielle LaPorte, Regena Garrepy, and Rebecca Campbell among them.

I’m feeling an expansion and deepening of my creativity now. Here are some tips to guide you to your own creative wellspring.

It’s also a time of great surrender, and maybe you’re not getting anything done. That’s perfectly fine, too. (Looking for some good books to read?)

This article on keeping up your yoga practice while traveling is something I came across before all of this – but it’s still fun to read, and to imagine a time when you’ll travel again.

Much love and good health to you and yours!

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