A Sigh of Relief

It’s April 8th, and I’m finally adjusted the fact that March is over and winter is really done. Granted, there’s still quite a bit of snow out in the yard, but the piles are getting smaller every day. Daytime temperatures are consistently in the upper 40s to mid 50s, the sun has been out, and on grey days like today, we get rain rather than snow.

Hear that gusty, windy sound? That’s my huge sigh of relief.


Last Friday BlackLion, ElvenTiger and I went out before dawn, accompanying BlackLion’s Mom on a photo shoot. She’s a fantastic photographer. It was cold out, but gorgeous nonetheless. As a confirmed night owl, I almost never see the sunrise, and I’d forgotten how lovely the world is when it’s just waking up. This picture is one that I took with my phone; not a professional shot, but I like it anyway. It reminds me of spring, and how the new season is dawning.

Over the weekend I was wondering, “If it’s really April, then where’s my energy?” I was still feeling the residue of the March blahs, wanting nothing more than to curl up in my PJs and read. And yes, part of it was probably recovering from our pre-dawn escapades at the end of a busy week. But still, the inspiration wasn’t flowing.

BlackLion said, “you probably just need some sunshine.” Last year I took vitamin D supplements through the winter, at the strong urging of a friend. This year, I just realized, I completely forgot. Yesterday I took the opportunity to absorb some brief bursts of sunshine, and it did seem to help.

Today I woke up and was ready to get going on some organizing, projects, and the ever-present housework. I feel like today is actually the first day of Spring. Or was it yesterday? It doesn’t really matter. I’m feeling it now, and ready to rock the world with my writing and art and drumming and…. Let’s go! Bring it on!

How about you? Are you feeling the rising energies of Spring yet, or are you still in hibernation mode?


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