The Awesome Power of Decluttering

You might think that de-cluttering your living space  is just a convenience, something you can do when you notice space is getting cramped or you have a lot of extra stuff. Really, it has a bigger positive effect than that. You see, clutter in your home doesn’t just take up physical space. It affects your energy system as well. Your stuff takes up space in your psyche, and can keep your energy vibrations slow and sluggish when your things are  scattered and chaotic. This can affect your physical health, your momentum when you take on new projects, and your daily happiness.

Don’t take my word for it. Do some reading – a basic Google search for “feng shui clutter” will open your eyes.

Chances are if you’re a creative person, and if you have kids, and double that if you homeschool or unschool, you have clutter. Thinking about clearing it can be overwhelming, but luckily it’s a project that’s best done step by step.

I started de-cluttering our home last year, and I’m still in process. We had a yard sale last summer, which helped us get rid of lots of old stuff that we no longer needed, as well as raising money for our trip to the Rethinking Everything conference. I’m taking on our family’s clutter in deliberate steps, area by area, and doing it mindfully, without rushing. It’s a part of my spiritual practice, in the big picture.


This year I wanted to start with my “office,” which is a corner of my bedroom. In order to do that, my plan included the need for another bookshelf. Luckily, Quester builds custom bookshelves, and yesterday he finished the new one. Yay!!! Here’s a picture of it, partially filled with books.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that one of my favorite things in the world is books. They aren’t clutter, to me, but rather part of my home library. The most recent library nook is in our upstairs hallway. The new bookcase will house primarily fiction, while I’m transitioning our living room shelves to primarily non-fiction and reference books (cookbooks, gardening tomes, homeschool necessities, dictionary, thesaurus, homeopathic medicine, etc.).

As the kids get older, de-cluttering becomes easier for us. Toys no longer litter every surface, and they’re better about keeping their own things in order.  I’m excited to make some progress on my office space this weekend – maybe I’ll take some “before and after” pictures to share.

Try some de-cluttering as part of your spring cleaning, and notice how much lighter you feel. You deserve a clear, beautiful space in which to live and work. Consider it part of your self-care. Happy de-cluttering!

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