Starcat’s Favorites: Inner Enthusiasm

snowday16Last weekend I had the chance to go to Play Church, which is a new offering from the Play Nexus crew. Their playshops are full of energy, joy, expansion, and high vibes. After some pondering, I decided I wouldn’t go, and BlackLion seemed to think that meant I was feeling low-energy, or not well in some way.

I explained that I was actually quite high-vibe, but in an inner way.

Sometimes my zest for life expresses itself quietly. A morning at home in a comfy chair, with warm clothes, hot tea, and my journal, was what felt the most “YES!” for me at the time. From the outside, it might have looked like I was being passive or quiet, yet my inner world was chock-full of color, ideas, and joy. I wanted some time to unwrap and play with my visions, all on my own.

This time of year feels perfect for exploring your inner enthusiasm. What are the passions that you hold close within your heart? What does your intuition whisper when you get really still and listen closely? What is your imagination brewing up, deep in the wellspring of your soul? What’s lighting up your inner landscape?

It’s an ebb and flow. This weekend, I’m heading off to Play Church, ready to dance and laugh and explore in the company of other joyful seekers.

What’s your weekend looking like? Here are some links to explore as you take time to relax.

Have you chosen your Word of the Year yet? Mine is AUTHENTIC. It’s feeling really good so far. Also, if you haven’t gotten your Leonie Dawson planner yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously, just do it; you’ll love it!!!

Check out these 16 Gentle Practices for Thriving in 2016.

In past years, I had a hard time loving winter. I feel more fondness for it now. If you need some help with savoring the cold and dark season, this article has some good suggestions.

I love this article about having relationships without expectations. It really resonates with my own approach to life and love. “It’s not, in the end, about polyamory at all. It’s about human connection in whatever shape it may take.” Yes!

So much yes to this. “Whole and holy.”

Wisdom from Kris Carr about sugar and what forms of it belong in one’s diet.

Interesting food for thought for entrepreneurs, about following your own career passions rather than settling for someone else’s.

I think this article explaining unschooling via cookie baking does a good job of comparing different approaches to child-led learning.

Enjoy your day, lovely one!

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