Starcat’s Favorites: Snow Day

I’m enjoying being snowed in today. The cats are sort of bored, but not me. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy.

Currently I’m listening to A Prairie Home Companion and waiting for the vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie to finish baking. Everyone else in my family is playing video games of one sort or another. I don’t see what the draw is, personally, as it would cut into my reading time. Heh heh. But they seem to enjoy it, and it’s a good day for it. [And they were rather amused when I mentioned at dinner that they were all playing video games, and I was blogging about it.]

Here are some fun links to cozy up with this weekend. Enjoy!

Haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions this year? Or did you make them but have already broken them? No worries. Here’s why.

Do you tend to sleep more in the winter? I tend a bit toward hibernation. Here are some cool factoids about sleep.

I love this article about why drum rhythms are so universal.

What determines success? Turns out it’s not just talent, but willingness to practice – even when it’s boring.

This is pretty cute: “40 Things I Can Do at 40 That I Couldn’t Do When I Was 20.” I agree with most of them, though I still hate sitting at concerts. Must dance!

OK, this one’s for my fellow Facebook users, especially those who use it to help promote your books or other creations: “Why You Should Always Like Your Own Facebook Posts.”

16 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters This Year.” Wow, some of these look great. Better get reading!

OK, this one is fantastic, but I must give you a heavy SWEAR WORD WARNING. It’s full of ’em. If that won’t bother you, check it out. Inspired in a sort of twisted way. I loved it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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