Hibernation, Schedules & Transformation

I started my yoga practice up again yesterday. It’s an off-and-on thing for me. I’m trying a new routine for the days where I’m working from home, for myself. When I wake up, I write in my daily diary, then get up and ready for the day.

It starts on the yoga mat, and then I go to the laptop and get writing. I’m trying not to check e-mail and such until after my first writing session.

The rest of the day’s activities vary, but often involve working on my business, more writing, housework, preparation of food, doing projects with various family members, and my other practices (like drumming, dancing, and gratitude lists). I’m currently working outside the home, for someone else, one day and one evening per week, and we have homeschool co-op and group for another day and evening. We go to my parents’ house one evening each week, and have Dark Follies rehearsal on the weekends. Those are the anchors of the week, and in and around them I weave my daily routine, plus other social gatherings.

This winter I’ve been keeping the social gatherings to a minimum, not really on purpose but through an impulse to hibernate. Dark Follies doesn’t usually have as many gigs in the winter, either, due to the problems with travel in inclement weather. I don’t know exactly what has made me more of a hermit this winter, but I have some ideas. One is that the weather has been extra wintry this year – we’ve had lots of snowstorms, ice storms, and of course that polar vortex (which simply means it’s really freaking cold!). Another is that I’m still grieving, and my impulse for solitude is greater than usual as a result. And finally, I think I’m in the early phase of a big transformation.

My hibernation, as outlined above, doesn’t mean I’m sleeping the days away. Though I have been doing a lot of reading. But the projects I’m doing all involve taking my writing career to a new level. We’ll be revealing our new Feline Dreamers website and newsletter soon, which will include a brand-new e-book to give away. We’re also editing two books, and getting ready to write some more. I want to get the word out to more folks about what we do, and help uplift more and more people.

The world has some serious problems, and it is my belief that each of us transforming ourselves is what will create the big shift in consciousness. I plan to continue the work of spiritual transformation myself, and help inspire others and provide them with useful tools to walk their own spiritual paths.

littlebearfacesOur lives ebb and flow, wax and wane like the phases of the moon. Today’s hibernation begets tomorrow’s butterfly. Wait, that’s a seriously mixed metaphor.

I guess today’s hibernation will beget tomorrow’s…bear cubs? ROAR!

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