Nature Is Healing

Nature is healing. It’s amazing to me how many times in life I forget this, and then remember it again.

I’m blessed to live in a beautiful rural area in Maine. Out behind our home, there are acres and acres of forest. I take it for granted sometimes.

I mean, it’s kind of obvious that I’m a bookish type. Even though my spirituality is Earth-based, I’m more likely to curl up and read than to go outside, most days.

But not recently. One of my immediate family’s personal projects this spring, as we’re “sheltering in place,” has been to reclaim the trails out back, on our extended family’s land (all of these pictures are from this place).

It’s been such fun – and now I go out and walk on the “moon paths” just about every day. Our dog, Aine, is absolutely loving it. She reminds me on the days I forget. We even go out in the rain.

When I’m out in the forest, it’s easy to be absolutely present. To recharge. To embrace inner stillness and quiet my mind. To observe the amazing beauty and power of Mother Nature.

I think about the Buddhist quote about how – I’m paraphrasing – on the days you’re busiest, that’s when you need to take MORE time to meditate. It’s like that with me and walking in the woods, now.

On a day that’s packed full of Zoom calls and business tasks and chores, it’s even more vital to take that half-hour or hour and go visit the trees.

Walking in nature is good for the body. It enhances your emotional well-being. It gives you mental space and clarity. It connects you to the spiritual web of All That Is.

My daily forest jaunts are giving me the bountiful gifts of healing.

What about you? Are you in a place where you can safely get some time outside?

You don’t have to live in a rural setting to get your regular dose of nature.

If you’re in a more urban area, perhaps there’s a park or shoreline where you can take a solo jaunt. In the suburbs, find the walking paths.

Even if the most you can do is to go out and sit on your balcony or steps, give it a try.

Feel the breeze and the sun.

Look for flowers.

Listen for birds.

Let Mother Nature’s healing powers work their magick on your soul. 

Blessed Be.

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