The Elements, Part 5: Spirit

The element of Spirit is the ethereal combination of all the other elements. It is the very energy which comprises our entire cosmos. Spirit encompasses all that we can see, and the mysteries which are unseen to our mortal eyes. Spirit resides in the center, but also pervades the entire circle of life. It is associated with all times and seasons, and the mystical realms beyond the time-space continuum. The colors of spirit are white, black, gold, and silver.

Each of us has a soul, a spirit, that which goes on living when our physical bodies die. Our spirit is connected to the non-physical realms and is part of a much greater whole. Spirit cannot be proven or measured. Indeed, traditional science has not yet discovered its secrets, yet somehow we know that it exists. Spirit is, in many ways, a paradox. It is exalted and Divine, and also commonplace and ubiquitous. Spirit is darkness and light, male and female, old and young, wise and naïve, active and receptive, without and within, above and below, and everything in between.

The voice of Spirit speaks to us through intuition. We sometimes “just know” things that are beyond our physical ability to perceive. The context doesn’t matter, because Spirit is everywhere and always present, which can be comforting when we feel in need. The essence of Spirit is unconditional love, grace, and communion.

Some of us are in touch with non-physical beings in the realm of Spirit, such as ancestors, faeries, angels, and other spiritual guides. Spirit brings us magick and miracles beyond our conscious understanding. It is the Great Mystery.

Sacred geometry is one of the tools of Spirit. It has been taught across the ages that under the surface of all that we see, there is a web of interconnection. Each point on this web is holographic, in that it contains the essence of All That Is. When we recognize our own connection with everything that exists, Spirit aids us in bridging the gap between our individual selves and the unity of the eternal, infinite cosmos.

Author’s note: This is the final entry in my series on the elements, which was begun over 10 years ago. You can find links to the other articles in this series right here.

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