The Elements: In Conclusion

I just recently realized that I hadn’t completed my series on the elements, begun two years ago. The members of our Elements Study Group got busy with families, work, and other projects, and we haven’t yet returned to our final Water session. Yet I’ve had plenty of time to work with Water on my own, and I have now finished this series of articles. I’ve linked them below for your convenience.

Working with the elements is a key part of my magickal work. And actually, in the system I use, there are five. Spirit, in the Center, is the fifth element. It is the place where the others meet, the time outside of time, the eternal merging of all things. Perhaps I’ll add a separate post on Spirit at some point. UPDATE: here it is, the post on Spirit.

I’ve also written a series of four articles on the transitions between the elements and how they interact with one another. These transition points, also known as The Borderlands, are places of possibility, where we can explore the intersection of elemental energies. I may eventually share them here on the blog, or in some other format. But for now, the series is complete. Thanks for reading!

Here are the links to my posts on the elements:






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